10 euros less for the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 and direct from Amazon

The Xiaomi Mi Band 7 recovers its special launch price: buy it for a limited time 10 euros cheaper.

The xiaomi mi band 7 landed in Spain on June 21 with a special launch discounta reduction of 10 euros limited to its first 48 hours of lifelater recovering its initial price of €59.90.

However, only a month after landing in our country you can buy it again for those 49.90 euros thanks to a amazon special discount. Quite an opportunity to have what today is possibly the best quantifying bracelet of the year at a very competitive price.

xiaomi mi band 7

Buy the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 on Amazon for 49.90 euros

xiaomi mi band 7

Xiaomi’s newest bracelet at a very good price: it’s yours for 49.90 euros

If we take into account that the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 currently fools around with 40 euros in many electronic commercethe 49.90 euros of this Mi Band 7 They are all candy, especially for those users who want to wear the latest on their wrist. Come on, if you were hesitating between the Mi Band 6 and the Mi Band 7, this Amazon price drop may be what you needed to make the decision.

Ultimately, just for 10 euros more you will have not only one device more recent (with all that this entails at the support level), but you will also be able to enjoy an important advance in some features of the bracelet.

Thus, you will not only have a better sharpness and one bigger screen with respect to the Mi Band 6 but you will multiply by four the sports modes availablegoing from the 30 activities of the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 to the 120 of the Mi Band 7. Also improves autonomywhich can now reach 15 days operating under normal conditions.

xiaomi mi band 6xiaomi mi band 7

Beyond the changes that this seventh generation of the Xiaomi smart bracelet incorporates, remember that it also includes all the usual functions of the gadget, such as a full physical activity tracking; monitoring of sleepstress, menstrual cycle, pulse or blood oxygen; more of 100 screen layouts fully personalized; resistance to water and dust; support for the most common phone notifications; weather information… You can not ask for more!

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