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Wicker benches are becoming more and more protagonists of our gardens and for this they deserve due consideration. In today’s article we will try to see at least four tips to make the most of them.

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The wickerfar from considering it a second-tier product, it is becoming over the years one of the protagonists of furniture of each home. Especially in places external wicker is present in most of the objects we own: from chairs to swings through to benches.

Let’s talk about a material capable of granting a touch of uniqueness and, why not, also of vintage to our furniture and at the same time it manages to enhance everything that surrounds it when it is surrounded by greenery.

Among the objects listed above, however, there is only one that arouses a charm particular, above all when placed in a context such as a garden. We are talking about the wicker benchwhich, especially on summer and spring days, is able to give an extra touch to our outdoor furniture.

In the latter the bench it seems to us the ideal place in which to relax and forget for a moment the frenzy of everyday life or simply to have a drink with friends or family before a dinner or lunch.

In today’s article we will find out at least four interesting ideas and tips on how to make the most of and not ruin the potential of wicker benches.

Wicker bench: 4 ideas, photos and tips

1. Place it in a strategic place

Wicker bench: 4 ideas, photos and tips

The place where you place your wicker bench is to be considered for at least one reason. In fact, it should see your wicker object not just a piece of furniturebut the core around which everything is connected.

In other words, to enjoy a beautiful garden or a bright green space your bench must be positioned in a strategic placesuch as under a tree. However, the layout of their own bench it depends on the size of the garden itself and the fact that there are other objects.

These evaluations are obviously very subjective and depend from case to case, but in general it is good to make an effort in this regard especially when you intend to buy a house with a garden.

2. Wicker bench: decorate it with cushions

Wicker bench: 4 ideas, photos and tips

To better enjoy the sunny days why not improve the furnishing of buildings even outside the internal environments? In short, too many people give importance only to the internal layout of the buildings, while they forget the external one. And instead it is a more or less serious mistake depending on the garden you have and the tastes you have.

So how do you make your bench aesthetically beautiful? Nothing easier, just put a nice embroidered and colored pillow on topto be able to move together with the bench where and when you want.

The aesthetic aspect is not a secondary fact, but a parameter that must always be taken into considerationespecially if you have a large and voluminous house that must necessarily be embellished.

3. Wicker Bench: Consider the measurements

Wicker bench: 4 ideas, photos and tips

If you intend to buy a wicker bench, the bare minimum to do is to measure the size of your furniture item.

If you have green and spacious areas then not one, but more wicker benches could be inserted and considering that these can be moved anywhere, you understand that it is a great advantage. If you have a garden slightly more piccolo it is better to avoid bulky items.

It might seem like a side tip, instead consider the size of your wicker bench it is at least necessary in order not to “ruin” the appeal of one’s green space: we often choose the way of buying a large bench only for an aesthetic factor, and instead we should evaluate everything from a more general point of view.

4. Wicker bench: clean them periodically

Wicker bench: 4 ideas, photos and tips

And Advice important, not only for the wicker benches, but also for the other objects, is to wash them periodically. In the summer months when they are used more constantly and given the fact that they are practically positioned outdoors, it is good to give them a good clean every now and then.

The procedure for cleaning wicker is very easy, as it looks a lot like wood: just first remove the dust on the feet and armrestsand subsequently moisten all components.

Once you have used the rag to carefully clean the wicker, the advice is to leave it to dry in the sun; or if necessary you can dry it yourself with a clean cloth. We always talk about a natural fiber very delicate that needs the right attention.

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The material of which the benches are made, wicker, as stated more than once, is absolutely not to be underestimated. Aesthetically, it manages to make any type of bench elegant and is suitable for all age groups.

Below we will see some images that confirm what was said previously.