5 Android 12 bugs that still need a fix

We are on the verge of receiving Android 13 on the first mobile phones compatible with the Google operating system, which means that the efforts to improve the company’s current software will be reduced to be applied in the new version. However, hope is the last thing to be lost and hopefully it will be launched any patch to fix these errors before the September update.

And, if not, that at least they are not repeated in Android 13

unresolved issues

Go ahead, some of these problems may have been resolved by the customization layer of each manufacturer. In general, almost all smartphones that have the latest Google operating system suffer or have suffered from one of these failures. .

connectivity failures

After the arrival of the new software, some complaints began to emerge that spoke of random connection drops. Things escalated when, after installing the January 2022 security update, the bug spread to numerous owners of Google Pixels and other phones.

The oldest complaints date back to the end of 2021 while the most recent date from this month of July, making it clear that Google still has a lot to do in this section.

We have another example in the browsing speed reductionn by Wi-Fi networks when we have Bluetooth activated, a bug that has been with us for too long and for which Google seems not to have found a permanent solution.

Android Auto doesn’t work quite right

Since android 12 will be installed on our mobiles, there are many of us who have suffered Android Auto connection problems with our cars. Sometimes the problem is that the vehicle does not detect it, on other occasions it disconnects randomly and, in certain circumstances, the icons and the interface of the tool become huge.

This is something that did not happen in Android 11 and, until now, no patch that Google has released has finished fixing the system.

No fix for malware

We are tired of seeing it. Every week there are news that a new group of malicious applications have sneaked into the Google Play Store to get hold of your private information. And as much as we think this was a thing of the past, the news about the emergence of viruses and malware brings us back to reality.

cyber threats

It is true that Google Play Protect is a tool that is responsible for alleviating these problems and reducing them to a minimum and that, without it, our mobiles would be much more exposed, but we miss a higher level of security.

poor tactile response

The android 12 update aimed to optimize the user experience. However, there are many users, especially Google Pixel series phones, who complain that the exact opposite has happened.

Apparently, after upgrading their device to the latest Google operating system, users of these smartphones started having touchscreen responsiveness issues. The most concerned affected are those who allege that the panel does not answer them at all, but they are a minority. To this day there are some who continue to complain that sometimes the screen does not respond at a normal speed.

Extremely slow adoption

The operating system fragmentation it’s still a drag for Android 12, just like it was for previous versions of the software. At the gates of receiving Android 13 in a couple of months, there are still 70% of smartphones that have not even seen the current Google operating system.

android 13 updates

This is an issue that we don’t expect to be fixed any time soon, not even with the arrival of Android 13, 14 or 15, leaving iPhone users to boast of the rapid adoption of iOS on most of their phones.