7 new apps for Android fresh out of the oven

Hello friends! Little by little we are approaching August, a month in which there are usually not many news in terms of new applications. In any case, in July a few interesting things have come out that are worth reviewing.

google wallet

Google Wallet is Google’s new app to replace Google Pay. Basically it is a digital wallet with which we can make contactless payments by NFC and store our cards, tickets, transport tickets and even vaccination certificates. Something like an improved version of Google Pay, with a new design and features.

If you already had Google Pay installed on your mobile, you don’t need to do anything, since the app will automatically update to Google Wallet.


Woice is a chat application that works only through voice messages. It has some cool things like automatic transcriptions, which allows you to read the messages if you prefer not to listen to the audio.

It’s also an asynchronous app, which means the recipient only receives the messages when they open the Woice app.

The application also allows you to create groups or communities, as well as send files. In general, it seems to be oriented to work environments, although we can use it as best suits us since it only requires an email address to use it.

Ace Attorney Trilogy

A few years ago Capcom released a mobile version of the first 3 Ace Attorney games. The novelty is that the company has decided to withdraw these games and replace them with the official video console ports.

Therefore, if we buy this Ace Attorney we will find some identical games from its version for PlayStation, Switch or Xbox. The title has a fairly high price of € 21.99, but if we think that we get 3 complete games, the thing seems a little more affordable.

In any case, a classic game where we follow the adventures of Ace Attorney, a lawyer who defends people with interesting and colorful stories in court. A conversational adventure that leaves a mark.


Volume is a new application that offers data of interest and news on various topics. Once our tastes have been determined, the app will show us different easy-to-read informative pills that we can consume in our spare time.

The only pity is that for now the application is only available in English. Of course, if you master the language and want to try a slightly different way of consuming information, take a look.

lights of destiny

Destiny Lights is one of the most peculiar social networks that I remember. When you enter the application you will see a lot of lanterns floating in the air, and in each one of them you will be able to find messages written by other people.

These messages can be anonymous and contain anything from thoughts or moods, to secrets, betrayals or anything else that comes to mind to the author of the message.

From here, you can write your own lantern or reply to other users’ messages through reactions and comments.

Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice

New mobile game of The Knights of the Zodiac. In this case it is an incremental RPG where we summon knights to fight and advance in the game. Like all titles of the genre inactive the game continues to progress even when we are not playing, so every time we enter we will find new things.

Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice has only been on the Play Store for two weeks, and has already become one of the most popular RPGs.

link tree

If you use platforms like Instagram or TikTok, you will surely already know Linktree. It is a “link in bio” tool, or what is the same, a utility that allows you to create a link that you can place in your profile description, and from there be directed to a page where you can add all the links what you want

Taking into account that in the case of Instagram, for example, you can only add a single link in the profile bio, this utility allows you to bypass that restriction in a certain way.

Linktree already existed as a website, and now they have released a version of their service in app format for Android. The app was released just two weeks ago and has already had more than 50,000 downloads.

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