9 hidden news of iOS 16 that you probably do not know

We review some of the hidden and lesser-known news coming to iPhone with iOS 16.

The new iPhone update has been with us for a while now and in iOS 16 we have found many new features and not-so-known secrets. And now we have found 9 more functions that can be very interesting for all users.

These are not design novelties or important changes, however they are small adjustments that can help us in our day to day and make life more comfortable. If you are already testing iOS 16, you must know about them.

iOS 16

There are many exciting new features in iOS 16

Secret iOS 16 Features Worth Knowing About

Years little-known features of iOS 16 they are really great and will greatly improve the experience with the system. They are not great novelties that grab headlines, but they are small improvements rather than interests:

  • Special menu for AirPods. In iOS 16, it’s much easier to access AirPods settings thanks to a new dedicated section that appears in the Settings app when AirPods are connected.
  • Safari pinned tabs. In macOS we have been able to pin tabs in Safari for a long time, but it was something that had not arrived. iOS or iPadOS. That’s changed in iOS 16, and now you can have your favorite tabs pinned for quick access.
  • Copy and paste photo editing. A very interesting function. Do you want all your photos to have the same aesthetic or apply the same adjustments to several different images? With iOS it is possible as we have a new feature to copy and paste photo edits. Copy editing settings from one photo and paste them to any other.
hidden news ios 16

These types of news often go unnoticed.

  • Face ID works horizontally. Something that we did not know why it was not available, since it worked perfectly on the iPad. It seems that it may be an exclusive function of the iPhone 13 onwards.
  • Haptic vibration on the keyboard. We can now enable this type of keyboard vibration in iOS 16, so you can “feel what you type.” Vibrations appear when you hit a key, simulating a physical response. It is activated from Settings> Sounds and vibrations.
  • Photo protection with Face ID and Touch ID. Something essential that some arrives in iOS 16, the Deleted and Hidden albums are now protected and we must identify ourselves with Face ID or Touch ID to access them.
hidden news ios 16

Many of us were looking forward to seeing these new features in iOS

  • View Wi-Fi password. Surely more than once you have felt frustrated by not being able to see the WiFi password you are using, but with iOS 16 this changes. In the Wi-Fi settings you can see the password of the network you are connected to.
  • Merge duplicate contacts. In iOS 16 you can merge duplicate contacts directly from the Contacts app, quickly and easily.
  • Delete duplicate photos. The iOS 16 Photos app will notify you if it finds the same photos or videos in your library. You can eliminate these delicate ones to gain extra space. Duplicate photos and videos are listed in a new “Duplicates” album, which only appears if you have duplicates.
hidden news ios 16

Did you know these hidden news of iOS 16?

The new iPhone system keeps many secrets and there are still many betas of iOS 16 ahead. So Apple could include many more new features before iOS 16 is finally released.

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