“After throwing his two children, the man threw himself into the void”: the hard story of the doctors who treat migrants in the Darien jungle

  • Valentina Oropeza Colmenares – @orovalenti
  • bbc world of news

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Many parents make the dangerous journey with their children through the Darien.

As soon as he examined the patient, Dr. José Antonio Suárez warned that in a few hours there would be dozens of people with the same symptoms.

The rash spread over the patient’s legs and feet. The skin was inflamed and red. The more she scratched, the more it itched.

It was the 2:00 in the afternoon and the doctors were intrigued. What was the cause of that dermatitis? If Dr. Suárez’s prognosis came true, how could they deal with a massive contagion in the middle of the Darien jungle?

“The patient was a Venezuelan man 24-year-old who had crossed the border between Colombia and Panama on foot,” says Suárez, a 67-year-old Venezuelan infectologist and pediatrician, specialized in Tropical Medicine.