AMLO is the ‘king of defamation’, accuses Riva Palacio for telling him that he spreads false information

Yesterday, during the morning conference of the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, Ana Elizabeth Garcia Vilchis, section manager “Who’s Who in Lies of the Week”assured that some journalists have spread false information about his meeting with Joe Biden a Washington.

According to the also communicator, they were Carlos Loret de Mola Palace and Raymundo Riva who spread a supposed investment agreement between both nations, in which AMLO will invest 1.5 billion dollars in the modernization of customs on the border with US to combat drug traffickers and migrants.

The president said that the 4T continues to work, regardless of what the journalists mentioned or others say, because actions will speak for his government.

In response, the journalist Raymundo Riva Palacioreferred to the president of Mexico, before anything else, as “the king of defamation”, and assured that the claims must be made directly with the White Housewhere allegedly “one of his main officials” mocked the president.

“Once again, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador referred to Carlos Loret and to this writer because he did not like that it was suggested that he agreed to finance 1.5 billion dollars to protect the security of Americans. The President summoned us to present evidence of our “slander.” As is known, López Obrador, who always complains that he is slandered, is the king of defamation. In this case, the first complaint should be made to the White House, since one of his main officials made fun of the President the same afternoon of the meeting, for having given in to President Joe Biden and paying for part of the border wall ”express.

In addition, he insisted that his sources, among which he mentioned the deputy spokesman for the White House, Abdullah Hassan, He was the one who wrote on his Twitter account what was written in the aforementioned column.

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“President Biden just got Mexico to agree to pay $1.5 BILLION to improve border processing and security through smart and proven border management solutions,” were the words you used in the original post.

In accordance with Rivera Palace, The official also made it clear that “Biden managed to Lopez Obrador did what he wanted” by also joining the infrastructure program, in terms of drug trafficking and finally, in actions to curb migration.

“In addition to the review of the Mexican President, Hassan made it clear that Biden got López Obrador to do what he wanted, adding it to his infrastructure program with the contribution of resources, to help him improve the security of Americans, not Mexicans, in the issues of drug trafficking, while disinhibiting and curbing migration, which is doing so much electoral damage to the head of the White House. The day after the visit to the Oval Office, Loret He wrote a column titled “Chiqui-visita”, while in this space, a day later, “Solicitous and docile in the White House” was published, which are the ones referred to by López Obrador this Wednesday”.

On the other hand, he assured that it was he who clarified the information on the customs modernization plan in the states border with Mexicowhere the aforementioned money will allegedly be injected, adding that it is high-tech equipment that has the objective of “improve processing and security”.

The Mexican columnist added that it is a team of biometric verifications of people and vehicles that will prevent the drug transfer, as well as the neutralization of security threats. This indicatedIt will favor and facilitate trade and tourism between both nations.

However, the project would have been slowed down because the government of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador did not allow a US company specializing in homeland security, counterterrorism and policing to be responsible for servicing and monitoring the equipment.

“He would also do the tests to have guarantees that his programs would not be altered. In short, that there was no Mexican corruption.” I consider Raymond River Palace.

For the above, he wrote, it’s up to the president of Mexico explain, among other things, why he not only accepted the security equipment, but also doubled the investment originally agreed upon with the government of Joe Bidenwhich, he assured, will be paid with the taxes of the Mexicans “for the safety of Americans.”