Autoblow, the male sex toy that can be customized with voice commands

The Autoblow has come a long way. When it was launched in 2008 by its creator Brian Sloan, the official website described it as “the male sex toy of the future.”

“Technology has brought indescribable advancements in every aspect of life,” the site continued. “We travel by car, we fly in airplanes, we surf the Internet. The technological advancement of the decade in the field of male sex toys is the Autoblow. “

The Autoblow AI + is the successor to the Autoblow AI, and to make it work you just need to insert the penis into the Fleshlight-style sleeve. Then a motorized ring moves up and down, massaging with different modes and speeds that you can customize using a web app. Like its predecessor, even the AI ​​+ doesn’t have true “artificial intelligence”, but at least this model connects to the internet and gives you the ability to download a whole catalog of fellatio styles and voice-activated functions.

Devices created to simulate oral sex on a penis are indicators of society’s idea of ​​sex toys in general. To keep the public’s attention high, manufacturers must make sex toys more and more technological, innovative, connected and avant-garde.

Since I had tried the latest model in 2018, Sloan sent me an Autoblow AI + for my new test.

Autoblow AI + test

The prototype I received has a transparent plastic shell that allows me to observe the inside: the Penis Gripper ring positioned around a flesh-colored silicone sleeve, dangling and shaking, with the opening shaped like a humanoid mouth. The product that can be purchased by customers will be in white plastic, so the mechanism will not be visible.

Once you’ve got the Autoblow AI + out of its box, the first thing to do is figure out how to connect it to the internet. Unlike other sex toys such as the Lovense or We-Vibe, the Autoblow AI + does not come with a downloadable device control app. This is a precise choice by Sloan: the Google Play and Apple app stores apply strict censorship on sexual content, so a possible app all focused on blowjobs would not have been approved. So, to use Autoblow AI + you need to use a web app that took me about five minutes to set up correctly. I plugged it in, turned it on and held the pause button until my phone detected a specific Wi-Fi network generated by Autoblow. I connected to that network, then to my home network, then I had to copy and save a series of characters as a password, then exit configuration mode. It’s all explained in the video tutorial.

It’s not difficult, but it takes some concentration and patience. If the stereotype of the man who throws away instructions without looking at them every time he has to assemble something has a grain of truth – and in my experience it does – I’m not sure customers will have the same patience as me in the setup phase. of the Autoblow AI +. But maybe if you are interested in such a technologically advanced sex toy you are also willing to spend a few more minutes with it.

Once configured I still didn’t feel sure this machine wasn’t capable of inflicting damage on a human penis, so I chose a very ripe banana from the pantry as a safety test. (This is not an official protocol for the ISO certificate, but in my opinion it should be adopted.)

On the first try, it was clear that doing it dry was out of the question. I took some lube (the more observant among you will notice that this is a silicone based lube, which is not ideal for a silicone toy, but it is not the deadly sin that was believed in the past either), the I smeared on the banana and sprinkled some in the muff too to be sure, then tried again. This time she entered with minimal effort.

I selected different stimulation modes and played with the potentiometers that control speed and position (you can focus the pressure closer to the base, more towards the tip, or over the entire length). Noticing that a certain smell of a wet bucket was giving off, I was sure that the machine was literally chewing on the poor banana. But when I pulled it out, not without effort — those lips just didn’t want to let go — the peel was the same as before. Not even a blow. Pleasantly surprised, I put her back in for the second round.

The new model has a voice control function (still in beta, the web app is keen to remind me) that allows the user to give six different commands to control the movement: Go, Pause, Faster, Slower, Next and Finish Me (I gave this command with the voice of Mortal combat). This feature still has a few bugs and the system doesn’t always understand every word on the first try. Screaming GO and FASTER at a sex toy was a new experience, and it probably would be for most people – voice controls aren’t common on today’s sex toy market, but Sloan is sure that’s the direction.

Screaming these commands didn’t seem very sexy to me, but it must be said that I didn’t even have my genital organ planted inside that thing. I practically felt like the parrot in this video:

While I had the voice command page open on the phone and the banana was going up and down in the mouth of the machine, I watched a video on how to customize the Penis Gripper (another new feature of this model that allows the user to adapt the grip to the circumference of your penis using a screwdriver) on your computer. Ideally, the web app warns, you should only use the voice commands feature in a quiet space. The toy must have felt something like “Finish Me” in the video instructions, so the Autoblow started pumping the banana vigorously — theoretically, to orgasm.

Once he got into that mode, it was impossible to stop him; I started screaming “PAUSE! STOP! NO ”but I was ignored, the Autoblow was too focused on its mission and my fingers were too lubricated to press pause on the phone’s touch screen. I had to turn it off using the device switch.

At that moment, my partner popped into the room saying he believed someone was bullying me via Zoom. Instead I was screaming to try and stop a silicone mouth from deep throating a banana.

Evolution of the Autoblow AI +

I called Sloan to tell him that I spent the morning making his creature suck fruit and asked him to tell me about how he developed the new Autoblow. He told me that he has spent the last two years, including all the lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, improving the design of the latest Autoblow AI. This is quieter, Sloan pointed out to me (and I can confirm it), and the customizable Penis Gripper is a real first for the industry and specifically meets the demands of its customers. But above all it connects to the internet, which the other model did not do.

Voice commands, Sloan says, are “potentially the future of sex toys.”

“It’s a natural way to control your masturbation session without having to think about pressing buttons,” he explained. The commands do not require a specific recall — meaning you don’t have to say “hey Autoblow” before asking them to go faster, but you must have the voice command tab open on the app — and they are processed inside the phone or computer. instead of being transmitted to a server as happens with devices such as Alexa or Google Home.

Aside from voice commands, according to Sloan the downloadable catalog is the most important improvement. The app has 10 pre-loaded modes such as “Full Massage” and “Slow Edging,” which expand the system already used in the previous model based on the “blowjob paper,” the work of a Serbian man and his small team of helpers, who have cataloged 109 hours of fellatio footage from 1200 porn videos in order to mechanically recreate every movement. This new version allows users to download 17 different experiences and replace them at will with the 10 pre-installed ones, and then select them with the appropriate buttons or with the web app.

“Sexual activity is an important driver for all of life. It’s not a strange thing that only a minority likes. “

But perhaps the most interesting thing about the Autoblow AI + is what Sloan refused to do. He did not want, as we said, to produce an app that could be installed from Google Play or the Apple App Store in protest against their discrimination of all things sexual. Google does not accept apps that “contain or promote sexual content or profanity, including pornography, or any content or service intended for sexual gratification,” while Apple prohibits “explicitly sexual or pornographic material, defined as’ explicit descriptions or expressions of sexual organs or activities intended to stimulate erotic rather than aesthetic or emotional sensations’. ” These rules are a nightmare for anyone who makes or uses apps that refer only to sex-themed content, from sex workers to toy makers to science and medical communicators to entire social media platforms. Instead of bowing to these rules (which would have made the product easier to use), Sloan decided to avoid them entirely and develop a web app accessible via browser.

If he had developed an app for Apple or Google, Sloan would have had to omit words like “blowjob” and it would have been an unacceptable concession to him. “I would feel very uncomfortable not being able to call him by his name, because words condition ideas and ideas condition behavior. It’s a chain of consequences that we follow whenever we don’t call things for what they are. So I refuse to do it. “

This, he admits, means that setting up the Autoblow AI + requires a little more patience and might scare some customers. “The process is more complicated than downloading an app and clicking ‘connect’, okay? But it doesn’t seem that hard to me, ”Sloan said. More than the setup, to tell the truth, the problem seems to be the shape and size of this machine. All the people I showed the Autoblow AI + to reacted with the same question: How do I keep that thing on my dick until I cum? The device weighs almost 1.3 kg, which seems small until you have to keep it balanced on the erect penis. The answer, according to Sloan, is a shoulder strap that goes around the back of the neck and should hold the Autoblow on without too much effort. “You can’t imagine how complex it is to draw something that looks so simple,” Sloan said.

Before asking how this will work in practice, always remember that we are talking about the man who designed the machine to masturbate while behind the wheel of a car that used a cup holder as a base.