Battery for several days? This mobile has 12,000 mAh and fast charging

If you think your current smartphone has little drums You must know the latest news from Doogee. The company has just launched the Doogee S98 Pro, a device that has several very interesting keys, including a 12,000mAh battery. Yes, you read that right, nothing more and nothing less than 12,000 mAh. Today we tell you what this offers awesome smartphoneWell, it is not the typical terminal that focuses only on the battery.

In addition, Doogee has other very interesting devices that it has also launched this week. All of them are available with introductory discounts until July 29so you should take advantage of them if you are interested in renewing your terminal.

Doogee S98 Pro: indestructible and with a battery for several days

The new S98Pro is probably the best smartphone roar what is on the market. It not only fulfills its function of ultra rugged mobileit also offers some noteworthy features.

Its key feature is the battery: it has a 12,000 mAh cell. This amount doubles and almost triples the figures of conventional smartphones. This means you will get several days of autonomy. Besides, his 65W charging allows fast and effective recharging.

It does not fall short in other aspects, since it includes a processor MediaTek Helio P908 GB of RAM or 256 GB of internal storage. All this accompanied by a 6.3-inch screen in FullHD + resolution and a triple camera of 60+20+8 megapixels.

The S98 Pro it closes its list of specifications with a rear camera module that includes customizable LEDs, a military certification MIL-STD-810H and Android 12 inside.

Doogee S61 Pro, indestructible and transparent

Doogee has decided to join the fashion of the transparent technology with one of their new smartphones. The S61 professional deserves to be mentioned for its rear. The device has an interchangeable back sheet and it has several styles: wood, transparent, carbon fiber, etc.

Depending on the pack you buy, you will get different styles, the most interesting being the transparent one and the one that offers carbon fiber. It is an even cheaper device than the S98 Pro, although it retains several of the certifications to become an indestructible device.

Prices and availability

Doogee has launched both devices this week. They can be found at their AliExpress store and also at Doogeemall, the company’s own store. only until the day 29 you can get the introductory prices. Also, there is a extra discount of 30 euros for the S98 Pro.

Doogee S98 Pro – AliExpress

Doogee S98 Pro – Doogeemall

Doogee S61 Pro – AliExpress

Doogee S61 Pro – Doogeemall

If you need more information about these devices you can visit the official Doogee website, where you will find each of the details of the device. S98 Pro and S61 Pro.