British tourist wanted a selfie and dies hit by helicopter blades

A young British tourist died on Monday in a tragic accident in athensafter being hit in the head by the blades of the tail rotor of a helicopter, from which he had just got off after spending a vacation with his parents and friends in a town near Mylonos.

The Greek prosecutor’s office ordered an investigation into the death of Jack Fenton22 years old, who died on the spot, reported the British media The Guardian. Investigators believe it was a possible negligent incident. Two ground engineers and the pilot of the aircraft, who had been arrested on Monday night, were released until more information is obtained in the ongoing investigation.

The pilot of the plane could face charges of involuntary manslaughter Photo: facebook

“Basic questions have arisen from witness statements as to why the shovels were not stopped when passengers were allowed to disembark on Monday,” a police source quoted by the newspaper said.

According to the Greek media, the young Oxford Brookes University student was hit by the rear rotor of the aircraft while trying to take a selfieminutes after landing at Spaton Heliport.

His parents were traveling in the helicopter behind, so the pilot, being warned about the incident, took them directly to the Athens airport to avoid seeing the gruesome scene. The family was due to return to the UK that day on a private plane.

“We have interviewed witnesses, including [tres] friends who were traveling with him,” said an official in charge of the investigation, quoted by The Guardian. “The investigation will then be sent to the prosecutor, who will take up the case.”


Initially, Greek investigators said that landing crews had guided Fenton and his friends out of the aircraft, and that the boy had disobeyed orders by running back to the helicopter to take his photo, despite being told by several people to do so. to return, according to the Daily Mail.

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However, one of his school friends who was traveling with him, Jack Stanton-Gleaves, 20, told the British newspaper that “no instructions were given when leaving the helicopter and no one accompanied us. All they did was open the doors for us.”

whatsapp_image_2022-07-26_at_7.43.36_pm.jpegHis friends deny the accusations that the young man had returned to the helicopter to take a selfie Photo: Twitter

“We landed alone and no one stopped Jack from going to the back of the helicopter. I’ve heard people say that Jack, with the phone, ran to the helicopter. This is completely false. He wasn’t on the phone. I don’t know why he went to the back of the helicopter,” he added.

A police union official said the propeller blades run for about two minutes when the engine is turned off, unless the pilot presses a button that makes them stop in about 50 seconds, according to Sky.

“The helicopter door has no security, anyone who wants to can open the door and get out,” Girgos Kalliakmanis told local media, The Guardian reported.

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Jack’s mother Victoria told MailOnline the family is “completely devastated” at the loss of their “wonderful son”. He “he got out safe and sound when the helicopter landed, but for some reason he came back behind the helicopter and it was the rear propeller that killed him. He was instant.”

The pilot, whose identity was kept anonymous for a while but was later revealed to be Christos FragkopanagosHe could face manslaughter charges, according to local media.

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