Canceled trains, melted runways and fires: the shocking effects of the record heat wave in the United Kingdom

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image source, Reuters


Hydration is essential during heat waves.

What happens when it reaches 40ºC in a country where summer is a season that does not always make its appearance on the calendar?

The official response is to declare the first alert in its history for extreme heat.

The British observe these days with a mix of joy and dread how the thermometer rises and reaches historical records. And, while the barbecues are not enough and many are happy to finally be able to put on their sandals and shorts and sleep -yes, you can- without a blanket, the truth is that high temperatures are collapsing parts of a country that is not adapted for intense heat.

Some public transport services have had to be canceled and firefighters in some English towns are working non-stop to deal with fires unleashed by high temperatures