China breaks with the EU after Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan

Porcelain announced this Friday that he was suspending his cooperation fraud USA in several key areasincluding the heated and the defendingin retaliation for the visit to Taiwan of the Speaker of the House of Representatives United States (US), Nancy Pelosi.

Since last Thursday, the Asian country has been carrying out huge military maneuvers around Taiwanthe largest to date, despite the conviction of EU and other Western allies.

This Friday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Porcelain attacked the US again suspending talks and cooperation in many areas, including those relating to the fight against climate change.

The world’s two biggest polluters pledged last year to work together, vowing to meet regularly to “tackle the climate crisis.”

Furrywhich was also sanctioned by Porcelain for the visit, he defended his trip to Taiwan and assured this Friday that the US “will not allow” China to isolate the island.

Taiwan also condemned Beijing’s response to the visit, and its prime minister, Su Tseng Changhe asked his allies to press for a de-escalation.

“We did not expect that the evil neighbor next door would strut his stuff on our doorsteps and arbitrarily endanger the world’s busiest shipping lanes with his military drills.”

Su Tseng Chang

China qualifies as “necessary” war exercises, after Pelosi’s visit

Porcelain described the military exercises, which will continue until Sunday at noon, as a “necessary” response to the visit of Nancy Pelosi.

Taiwan I affirm that 68 fighter planes and 13 Chinese warships They crossed the so-called “middle line” of the strait that separates the island from mainland china this Friday.

The midline is an unofficial but generally accepted coordinate midway between the coasts of Porcelain continental and those of Taiwan.

journalists in the China’s Pingtan Island They saw a fighter plane flying over the area and they also saw a Chinese military ship sailing through the Strait of Taiwan.

The drills of Porcelain included a “conventional missile attack” on the coast east of Taiwanthe Chinese military said.

The state chain closed TV circuit reported that the chinese missiles they had flown Taiwanwhich would be a big escalation if it is officially confirmed.

In the China’s Pingtan Islandlocal tourists proudly extolled the military might of their country against their much smaller neighbour.

The Chinese Communist Party consider to Taiwan as part of its territory and has promised to take it one day, by force if necessary, but the scale and intensity of the maneuvers provoked outrage from the US and other countries.

These maneuvers constitute “a significant escalation”, estimated the US Secretary of State, Antony blinkedafter holding talks with foreign ministers from eastern Asia in Cambodia. For Blinken, the visit of Furry it did not “justify” the exercises launched by Beijing.

Countries complain about China’s military exercises

Japan filed a formal diplomatic complaint against Porcelainsince five missiles allegedly fell in its exclusive economic zone and Australiawhich maintains a complicated relationship with the Asian country, its largest trading partner, called “disproportionate and destabilizing” the military maneuvers.

These exercises take place in some of the most used sea routes on the planetthrough which essential electronic material from factories in Southeast Asia transits to world markets.

The Taiwan Maritime and Port Office issued warnings for the ships that circulate in this area and several international airlines indicated that they would divert their flights to avoid the island’s airspace.

“The closure of these transport routes, even if temporary, has consequences not only for Taiwanbut for trade flows linked to Japan Y South Korea“, estimated nick brownchief world trade analyst economic intelligence unit.

The hypothesis of an invasion of Taiwanwith 23 million inhabitants, it is unlikely, but, since the election in 2016 of the current president, Tsai Ing-wen threats to carry it out have increased.

Tsaiwhich, unlike the previous government, belongs to an independence party, refuses to recognize that the island and the mainland are part of “the same Porcelain“.

China invites EU to rectify Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan

The only way out of the crisis in relations between EU Y Porcelain caused by visiting Taiwan of the president of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosiis that EU immediately rectify its mistakes, a senior Chinese embassy official said on Friday. Washington.

jing quanof Chinese Embassy in EUHe referred to the protest White House before the ambassador of Porcelain for Beijing’s military actions since Pelosi’s visit and said that it is the US that is threatening peace and stability.

“It is the US side that is causing problems. The only way out of this crisis is for the US side to take immediate action to rectify its mistakes and remove the serious impact of Pelosi’s visit.”

Jing Quan, from the Chinese Embassy in the US

He warned against escalating actions that jeopardize the long-standing US policy of “One China” and said that Washington should avoid pushing relationships between Porcelain and the US down the dangerous path of conflict and confrontation.