Cordless vacuum cleaner: 5 types and tips

A cordless vacuum cleaner can be very comfortable and versatile, but if you do not carefully choose the model and do not inquire about the various types and their characteristics, there is a risk that performance and autonomy in some cases may disappoint.

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More and more devices that we use in our daily life are wirelessoften because they are equipped with rechargeable batteries. Vacuum cleaners can also be cordlessbut which ones and how many types exist and which ones considerations must be made before addressing one’s choice on a specific model? We try to give answers or at least some useful advice.

Cordless vacuum cleaner: 5 types and tips

1. Cordless vacuum cleaner for all surfaces

Cordless vacuum cleaner: 5 types and tips

Until recently, if desired equip yourself with a good vacuum cleaner, able to clean all surfaces in the best possible waywith adequate power and a wide range of accessories, the only option was that of a rather bulky device and which in some cases could be a bit uncomfortable or otherwise not quite handy due to the electric cable.

It was necessary to equip oneself with extensions or in any case deal with a long cable that ran between multiple rooms and maybe it dropped plants or other elements, got stuck in some piece of furniture, etc.

The vacuum cleaner in short, if on the one hand it speeded up operations and undoubtedly simplified the life of those who had to do the cleaning, it also had many problems, limits and real defects.

Continuous research and the most recent innovations have given birth to a new generation of vacuum cleaners, appreciable for many excellent reasons, among which the fact that they are suitable for any surface stands outincluding the most delicate and that they are wireless.

The freedom of movement that can give in the house one of these vacuum cleaners is remarkable and those who try them hardly come back.

2. Wireless car vacuum cleaner

Cordless vacuum cleaner: 5 types and tips

There are details models of cordless vacuum cleaners, as well as specific accessories, which are designed for cleaning the interior of the car.

Often in the car, over time, they accumulate dust, food residues and moresucking up these small residues is a quick and effective way to clean, and a cordless vacuum cleaner is ideally suited for this purpose.

There are specific devices, but also a vacuum cleaner with interchangeable accessoriesincluding those meant for make it easierfor example with folding pipes and other solutions, just cleaning the interior of a vehicle.

3. Mini wireless vacuum cleaner

Cordless vacuum cleaner: 5 types and tips

There are cordless vacuum cleaners of various shapes and sizesthe smallest are configured as gods mini vacuum cleaner or vacuum crumbs which can be useful, for example to clean the table, quickly vacuuming up any food residuesbut they can also prove invaluable, however clean the sofa and various other surfaces and furniture of the house.

Naturally these small devices often lack suction power particularly relevant, but still sufficient for the type of intervention they are intended for.

An important element to consider in their choice will be for sure battery life, along with charging speed. The best models they charge quickly and have a battery that allows you to use them for a long timewithout the constant hassle of having to plug them into an outlet.

4. Cordless vacuum cleaner battery life

Cordless vacuum cleaner: 5 types and tips

One of the most important variableswhich contribute to making a cordless vacuum cleaner truly comfortable and practically usable it is undoubtedly the duration of his office.

The average charge time of a high-end model is around 45 minutesif set to the minimum suction power, then there are also models that can reach or even exceed 60 minutes of autonomythis allows, as it is easy to imagine, to carry out an entire cleaning cycle in large apartments or even more cycles in medium or small apartmentsa nice convenience.

You do not necessarily have to recharge the vacuum cleaner every day and above all this will not let us walk halfway through the work.

5. Wireless robot vacuum cleaner

Cordless vacuum cleaner: 5 types and tips

There are those who think that in the near future our homes will be populated by robots, more and more intelligent and in many ways similar to humans, which will lighten their work and improve their lives.

Gods already exist today small robots that can save us time and effortfor example robotic vacuum cleaners, increasingly popular and with costs that are progressively lowering.

Robot vacuum cleaners they move around the house, without being connected to a wire and clean the floor effectively. The most advanced can be programmed to avoid certain areasfor example with delicate surfaces or objects.

The movements of these robots can then be limitedto avoid, for example, that they fall from the stairs or other, all in a very intuitive way.

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A cordless vacuum cleaner can make doing household chores a lot easier. Those who try these devices, in particular if they are of medium or high range, will hardly go back, towards more classic solutions and now inevitably destined to be considered as dated.