Covid: when should you get a medical checkup after an infection?

  • Andre Biernath
  • bbc brazil

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Beyond a simple respiratory infection, covid can have repercussions throughout the body. Some of these complications (affecting the heart, lungs, and even the brain) can occur after the first symptoms of the infection improve.

Faced with this risk,when is it recommended to do the increasingly popular general check-upto evaluate various parameters and indicate the presence of a disease in its early stages?

Doctors consulted by BBC Brazil pointed out that, in general, this compendium of lab tests is not recommended for anyone with covid. In this sense, there is no recipe or recommendation that works for everyone who have had a positive diagnosis in the last few months.

However, there is at least three groups of patients who might need a post-covid evaluation: first, those who have had a severe infection; second, those with chronic diseases such as hypertension or diabetes; and third, individuals who are experiencing some type of prolonged discomfort.