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Create, launch and sell your own NFTs

Choose your type of NFT

thes NFTs are cryptoassets stored on the blockchain which thus allow a decentralized exchange of assets. Unlike cryptocurrencies like bitcoin which are fungible, NFTs are not and are all distinct from each other. »

If NFTs are popular, it is still essential to ask yourself beforehand about the motivation behind the launch of your own assets. This allowst brands to show that they are in the trend, but also to retain their customers » confirms Manuel Valente. Knowing what you expect from it will help you determine what type of NFT to create, because there are there are several:

  • A URL that points to an image. By purchasing the NFT, one becomes the owner of the image in question.
  • A serial number written on a physical object, such as a watch or a handbag. A solution very popular with luxury brands, which allows them to fight against fraud by offering a certificate of authenticity to their customers.
  • The collections of NFTs, which consist of creating a series of unique compositions. It can be a pair of sneakers whose color of the laces or the logo will be changed. This is the most developed solution at present, it represents 90% of daily exchanges » Manuel Valente analysis.

The startup Octo, which has developed an offer play to win allowing its users (video game players) to earn benefits in return for their playing time, recently launched its own NFTs. These will allow their holders to obtain cryptocurrencies and not just cards or accessories.

“Nike is one of the most advanced companies on the subject”, underlines the scientific director of Coinhouse, since it has already launched its collection of virtual sneakers with the ARTFKT studio, which it acquired a few months ago. A way to put a first foot in the metaverse, as explained the Geek Diary.

The creation of NFTs

Let’s get into the technical part of the subject. You have decided to create your own collection of NFTs. Should it be done internally or delegated this task? If your cThe collection of NFTs consists only of pointing to images, it is not necessarily useful to call on a company. You can simply go to OpenSea and create your own NFTs. But in reality, the market is not really there” analyzes Manuel Valente.

Conversely, if you want to create a collection of images that come with a few differences, it is best to turn to a specialized company that can create the visual identity of your NFTs. “Design is essentialconfirmed Thomas Bourbon. We had just under 150 elements made, this operation took less than two months. Then they were mixed in a candy machine to generate our 4,444 NFTs. » This part constitutes 95% of the cost of the NFTs launch campaign, a fairly small sum in the end.

Blockchain integration

Once the NFTs have been created, you have to encode your data in a smart contract integrated into the blockchain which makes it tamper-proof. Several companies offer this service. We can notably cite OpenSea, Foundation or Rarible.

In the same way, several blockchains exist. If Ethereum is the best known, Solana competes with it. The latter, chosen by Octo to launch, takes care of the mint, the sale and the payment of NFTs.

A little advice to blow to your community: don’t hesitate to tell your community to add to their wallet a sum that will cover the price of the NFTs, but also the costs of the platform. Otherwise, they could see their purchase invalidated.

Preparing for the sale

Several campaigns and sales of NFTs take place every day. To hope to succeed in yours, you will have to make people talk about you. Generally, if you have embarked on this project, it is because you already have an interested community. But that does not mean that everything is won in advance.

It is important to talk to your community about it, explain the purpose and what it could bring to them. For Octo, the idea is clear: to respond to a request from its players by offering them the possibility of winning cryptocurrencies.

The startup relied on its community – which it has been building since 2015 – to share its campaign and participate in the sale. But she also benefited from the support of influencers and the Solana platform, which operated her transactions. Result: in less than a minute, the 4,444 NFTs offered for sale found buyers.