Days without VAT in 2021 increased collection and did not generate an impact on public finances

On the afternoon of this Tuesday, February 15, the director of the DIAN, Lisandro Junco, delivered a balance on the three days without VAT that took place in 2021 and ensured that these dates raised the collection and they did not generate an impact on public finances.

“If we look at the entire year 2021 compared to 2020, there is a growth of 17.9%, what the day without VAT generates is a growth in the collection of this tax and we see this in January 2021 vs. January 2022because the days without VAT that were in November and December, are recorded until the first month of this year, where there was a 15.2% growth in collection,” the official assured.

In turn, Junco also stated that the VAT exemption days in 2021 generated an increase in the collection of this tax by six billion pesos, compared to 2020.

With the three conferences each year, the national government expects not only give Colombians a space to save on the purchase of certain itemsbut merchants can also boost their sales.

In 2021, the three days without VAT were October 28, November 19 and December 3.

The days without VAT are giving not only positive results for the reactivation but also for tax collection. The chain that generates VAT is taxed, the exemption is only for the final consumer. That sacrifice is compensated by what we collect”he added.

It should be remembered that this activity, approved in the 2021 tax reform, also known as the Social Investment Law, allows consumers can buy certain products for three days a year without having to pay value added tax (VAT), which is currently 19%.

During the exemption from the VAT tax, the sector with the highest sales was clothing and textiles. The DANE revealed that the index of real sales of clothing and textiles, in the months with days without VAT, was 138.3 and 298.9.

According to the Ministry of Finance, the first of these days of 2022 will take place on March 11 as President Iván Duque confirmed a few weeks ago; the second day would be June 17, close to the date of payment of the first premium of the year.

The last date of the year to buy without VAT would take place on December 2, with the aim that Colombians advance purchases for Christmas and New Year.

These dates are not definitive, since the national government must be expected to publish the decree with the official dates, after the decision is made.

According to the law that established the days without VAT, these are the products that can be obtained at a better price during those days, as long as you buy three or fewer products of the same category on the same invoice.

1. Clothing: clothing and footwear.

2. Clothing accessories: backpacks, briefcases, handbags, wallets, sunglasses, umbrellas, scarves and jewelry.

3. Appliances, computers and communications equipment: such as televisions, speakers for domestic use, fans, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners.

4. School supplies: notebooks, educational software, pencils, pens, erasers, pencil sharpeners, correctors, plasticine, glue and scissors.

5. Toys and games.

6. Sports elements.

7. Goods and supplies for the agricultural sector: this category includes seeds and fruits for planting, fertilizers of animal, vegetable, mineral and/or chemical origin, germination inhibitors and plant growth regulators, concentrates and medicines for animals.


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