Echo Dot, steep drop in price: to buy now

A few days from the end of First day 2022 one of the best selling products in the two days of Amazon discounts. We’re talking about of the Echo Dotthe smart speaker of the e-commerce site that we find on offer with discounts up to 60%. We speak in the plural because there are three models in promotion: the third generation Echo Dot, the fourth generation Echo Dot and the fourth generation Echo Dot with clock. For all three models we find prices very close to the historical minimum: the Echo Dot 3 costs less than € 20 (60% discount), while theEcho Dot 4 is available for € 24.99 (58% discount) and theEcho Dot 4 with clock for € 29.99 (-57% discount). For all three there is the possibility to pay them in installments at zero interest.

Having a smart speaker like the Echo Dot at home is essential for taking the first steps in the world of home automation. It allows you to manage almost all the smart devices in the house with your own voice, starting from the security cameras, up to the air conditioners. Besides, they are also gods excellent companions at work: just a simple voice command to play all your favorite songs. At this price you shouldn’t miss them.

Echo Dot: what they are for and the features

The Amazon’s Echo Dot they are one of the best-selling and sought-after devices on the e-commerce site along with the Fire TV Sticks. And just like multimedia sticks they are very useful in everyday life. If you are wondering what they are for, the answer is very simple: they help manage the smart home and also your daily life.

Echo point 3
Echo point 4
Echo Dot 4 with clock

The three models that we find today on offer perform a very similar function, but differ in design and component quality. The Echo Dot 3 is the perfect solution for those who want to spend very little and take their first steps in the world of the smart home. The two other modelsinstead, they are slightly bestboth in audio playback (HD sound) and in the management of the various devices. Furthermore, the Echo Dot 4 with clock it fits perfectly to the bedside table and is specially designed for those who also want a smart alarm clock.

The configuration is very simple. Just connect them to the power, install the Alexa app on your smartphone and follow all the procedures on the screen. In a few minutes the Echo Dot will be configured and you can start using it.

Echo Dot on offer on Amazon: price and discount

Prime Day prices for Amazon’s Echo Dot. Today we find them on the e-commerce site with discounts up to 60% and for the cheapest model you have to spend less than 20 €. And there is also the possibility of paying them in installments at zero interest. Here is a summary table with the price and discount of each model.

  • Echo point 3: € 19.99, 60% discount
  • Echo point 4: € 24.99, 58% discount
  • Echo Dot 4 with clock: € 29.99; 57% discount.

All devices are already available and benefit from Prime privileges: delivery in a short time and 30 days to make the return.

Echo point 3
Echo point 4
Echo Dot 4 with clock

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