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voice personalization service COCONUT VOICE of SHARPin which the popular voice actor participates yuki kajiIt’s trending recently. The service allows users to customize the sound of compatible devices made by the company to their liking, and has been promoted on the company’s official Twitter page for laughs.

COCORO VOICE, which allows you to customize speech sounds for the company’s HEALSIO water oven and HEALSiO Hot Cook automatic waterless cooker. The official Twitter page presents the service as a “speakerphone voice change“, and the playful service has been gaining popularity since its launch.

Plasmacluster humidifier air purifiers joined these COCORO VOICE-compatible home appliances on July 25, and the sale of voice content made by Yuki Kaji began. This function notifies the user, with Kaji’s voice, of the operating status of the air purifier, such as when it starts to work or detects dirt, and includes greetings for morning, noon and night, as well as special phrases for anniversaries such as Tanabata and Christmas .

It is priced at 3,300 yen, including tax, and is available on the company’s e-commerce site, SHOP COCORO. The official Twitter page of the company announces that the voice actor of the air purifier plasmacluster will be yuki kaji. In a later update, “Here’s a look at the air purifier that Yuki Kaji has become. The sound of the video may be a little low, but for your reference“said the description of a promotional video.

One of Kaji’s best-known works is anime Shingeki no Kyojin (attack on titan). The protagonist, eren yeagerHe is famous for his phrase “I will exterminate them all“. However, the company comically clarified that these types of dates are not included: «Phrases like “I will exterminate all dust”, “I will exterminate all germs”, “I will exterminate all bacteria”, “I will exterminate all odor”, are not included. But we assure you that he does do those things.».

Fans were quite pleased with this particular announcement, and have already begun to request future participation from other voice actors and actresses that they would like to hear from their devices and appliances. The reference to the phrase Shingeki no Kyojin it was also well received, even though it is not actually included in the product. However, if you want to see a product that actually references the franchise, review automatic vacuum cleaner released in May 2021.

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