Ferrari, here’s the SF90 VS spied on the street: it’s spectacular (VIDEO)

Despite the camouflage livery, the Ferrari SF90 VS is an unmistakable car and destined to make fans dream. Here are the first images.

Ferrari is preparing to write history with another thrilling model, in a 2022 that has the flavor of a restart from different points of view. Obviously, F1 is the main category in which the Prancing Horse is involved, which is finally playing for the world title after so many years of suffering.

Ferrari (ANSA)

The Modenese team had started very strong in the first three races, winning two races with Charles Leclerc and flying away to the top of the world rankings. Subsequently, the amazing competitiveness of the F1-75 was compromised by too many reliability problems and wrong strategies, but the long fast from the first step of the podium was interrupted in this first part of July.

Carlos Sainz won at Silverstone, then passing the baton to Leclerc in Austria. Ferrari is now also attacking the French Grand Prixwhere, however, he will again have to contend with the Red Bull from Max Verstappenin an attempt to definitively reopen the race for the world championship.

However, in the world of the Prancing Horse there is not only the top car series. At the beginning of the month, the shakedown of the new Hypercar took place on the Fiorano track, which will compete next year in the endurance world championship and in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The car was brought to the debut by Alessandro Pier GuidiWEC world champion twice and that will be one of the cornerstones of this program.

A few months ago, the 296 GT3 also made its debut again on the home circuit of the Rossa, and this is the car that will replace the 488 GTE in Gran Turismo races, a car that has already caught the eye of all due to its beauty. It is still unclear whether the model will debut in 2023 or 2024, but it probably won’t take too long to see it at work, considering that endurance races will now see almost only cars with GT3 specifications at the start.

On the automotive frontthere is great expectation to discover the first SUV of the Maranello house, namely the Purosangue which will be available towards the end of the year. The lines should be very different from those of the Lamborghini Urus just to give an example, with very original doors and different possible adjustments for those who drive from the cockpit, starting with the suspension system.

The SUV market is by now, together with the crossovers, the one that most motorists like, and even the Cavallino has been forced to adapt to the logic of the market. As mentioned, there are only a few months to go on the market, even if the official launch date has not yet been announced.

Ferrari, here are the first images of the SF90 VS

Ferrari continues to carry out its own road tests of the SF90 VS, namely Special Version. This is a reinterpretation of the car that debuted in 2019, with the same name as the F1 single-seater of that year, in honor of the ninety years since the birth of the Modenese Scuderia, which at its beginnings competed as the official team of theAlfa Romeo.

A video portraying the new racing car on the track has appeared on the channel YoutubeVarryx“, Which has always been known for the publication of unpublished images of cars waiting to be officially presented. Among the main features is an aggressive and innovative front bonnet, which differs from that of the original car presented three years ago.

Still the Ferrari SF90 Special Version is not in its final formssince the rumors speak of a double exhaust at the rear and a much larger spoiler, things that are not evident from the images. The will of the Cavallino engineers is evident, who have again opted for a camouflage livery, so as not to show too much of this new jewel.

To take a look at the technical characteristics, it is good to brush up on those of the original model, from which it should not detach too much. The car is able to cover 0-100 km / h in 2.5 seconds, and had the characteristic of being the first production plug-in hybrid.

The heat engine is a 90-degree twin-turbo V8 that delivers 780 horsepower, with a top speed exceeding 340 km / h. This is an extraordinary performance that can hardly be surpassed, but if its replacement will be called the Special Version, well, there will also be a reason. When there is a Red ready to debut and that is immortalized in the first outings on the track, it must be said that the emotion always increases dramatically for all fans.

Recall that the Cavallino, with regard to what are the new directives imposed by the European Community on the electric, will have a small advantage together with the other supercar manufacturers. In fact, in Maranello it will be possible to continue producing endothermic engine cars until 2040, therefore, for five years longer than “normal” manufacturers. However, thinking of a full electric Rossa is something that really creeps your skin, and the hope is that something will change in the next few years.