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The astronomy It is considered the oldest science, the first observers and curious people were looking for a way to solve unknowns, such as the creation of the Earth, through the behavior of the stars and other celestial bodies that could be seen with the naked eye, such as the moon and the sun. sun.

This discipline is based on years of study and hard research. Over time, astronomical tools and equipment were invented, such as the telescope, which helped to better understand the universe and the elements that make it up.

As a result, it was possible to determine solid knowledge and complete the pre-established bases on the laws that govern movements, the structure of bodies, formation and evolution. Specifically the planets, satellites, comets, black holes, galaxies, interstellar matter systems, among others.

Astronomy encompasses the following subfields: astrophysicsstudies the properties of celestial objects; astronauticscovers the process to make an interstellar trip; celestial mechanicsit focuses on the movement of bodies; astrogeologyputs into practice the knowledge obtained; astrometrymeasures astronomical position and movements; planetologyfocuses on the components of the solar system and X-ray astronomy.

This science has had great exponents in its history as Aristotle, Galileo Galilei, Anaxagoras, Johannes Kepler, Tales of Miletus, Nicholas Copernicusto name a few.

The following massive open online course (MOOC) is offered by the National University of Cordobastays on the platform EdX and you can find it under the name «Virtual astronomy: A whole universe to discover».

It is intended to cover all the fundamentals of astronomy, specifically about the stars and the phenomena that occur, that is, about planetary systems, stars, cosmos, galaxies, islands of light, the thermal history of the universe and the telescopes.

It should be noted that the course includes beginner-level theoretical and practical lessons and no knowledge of any kind is required, therefore it is available to all astronomy lovers.

The training course is under the instruction of the Doctor Guillermo Dorados of National University of Cordoba. It has an estimated duration of 7 weeks and it is suggested to enter for one or two hours during the day.

Two ways are offered to carry out the course, option one is the verified modality which allows unlimited access to unique author materials, homework, exams with grades and at the end offers a certificate that you can attach to your resume or profile LinkedInalthough a minimum payment must be made.

Option two is audit mode which allows access to certain course materials for free, however, no certificate is delivered upon completion.

The topics that the course will explore are listed below:

  • Characteristics of astronomy as a science
  • the history of astronomy
  • The light
  • The planets
  • The different celestial bodies
  • How did astronomical science develop?
  • The description of the Universe
  • The evolution of the stars

Link to the course: Virtual astronomy: a whole universe to discover

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