Google Maps is updated with 3 interesting new features

A new update is on its way to Google Maps, so you can enjoy several very interesting new features

Google has announced the arrival of several new features that, starting today, Google Maps users around the world can start using to get more out of the navigation and maps application.

The functions are aimed at improve the discovery of new places and monumentsas well as to improve the function of share location with other peopleor the visualization of bicycle routes. We will go over all the changes below.

Screenshot of Google Maps on an Android mobile

The Google Maps app on an Android mobile

Immersive view, more information on bike routes and improvements in location sharing

During the past Google I/O, the company showed us one of the biggest advances we’ve seen in Google Maps in years. The feature was dubbed Immersive View, and would allow users to visualize places in 3D through a realistic three-dimensional modelDeveloped through a combination of satellite imagery with billions of Street View photographs to create a faithful representation.

Now, Google Maps has released a preview version of Immersive View, which allows view some famous monuments in 3D. Today they include almost one hundred of the most famous monuments in the worldfrom cities like Barcelona, ‚Äč‚ÄčLondon or New York.

To be able to view a monument in 3D on Google Maps, you just have to search for it within the application, and once inside, go to the images section.

View of monuments in 3D on Google Maps

The view of monuments in 3D of Google Maps begins to be available

Those who use the bicycle frequently to get around the city will be happy to know that Google Maps has improved bike routesso now not only will the elevation appear along the entire path. The traffic status will also be displayed, if there are stairs or unevenness.

Finally, Google has announced improvements aimed at making the function of share location with other people. Now it is possible set notifications that will notify when the other person has reached a specific place.

Of course, these types of notifications can only be established if the other person has previously agreed to share their location, and they will be notified if one of these notifications is created.

Google Maps is updated with 3 interesting new features

With the exception of the improved bike routes, which will begin to arrive over the next few weeks, the rest of the news They have already started their global deploymentand in the next few hours they should be available to all Google Maps users, both on Android and iOS.