Halo Infinite: tried cooperative mode

The co-op Halo Infinite campaign is four times more fun – that’s what awaits you in the next update of the 343 Industries shooter.

Tired of fighting the Covenants alone? Don’t worry, we have tried the cooperative mode of Halo Infinitecoming soon! The campaign of the last Halo, as you know, divided the audience: there are those who found it extremely funny and those who were bored to death regretting a subdivision of the levels closer to the past chapters. As always, reality is in the middle of the alignments: that Halo Infinite has gaps is beyond doubt, but what a mistake it would be to underestimate its extraordinary strengths.

Fall and redemption

Halo Infinite Coop: epic, ridiculous, dramatic, explosive, exploratory … this too is Halo Infinite

Everything went wrong during the development of this game, and it shows. But when you do all-in on gameplayon physics and artificial intelligence, you can’t go wrong. And that’s exactly what 343 Industries did, stitching up the idea to make it more than presentable. The open world part is predominant, but there are also several old-fashioned levels that timidly rebalance the offer.

The side dish it is disheartening, almost absent, but the actual action is unrivaled. When you ride a warthog with a selection of marines, when you run into a group of enemies along the way, when you take down three huge covenant antiareac cannons, Halo Infinite reaches heights of first-person shooter heaven.

What’s there is great, the problem with Halo Infinite is what’s missing. A couple of extra linear levels are missing, for example; there is no greater variety in scenery and fauna; above all there is no cooperative mode. Here, it is precisely the latter that has hurt us the most, to us and to many long-time fans, when the game officially debuted. Halo has always been at its best with friends, and not just in competitive multiplayer; the lack of the coop probably many have experienced it as a non-problem, but it was indeed if we think about what Halo has accustomed us in the past. Now, about six months after the fateful “day one” of Halo Infinite, even if at the moment still in beta, the cooperative mode is finally playable by anyone who is enrolled in the program. Halo Insiderand will soon be made available to anyone who has downloaded the game.


Halo Infinite: it hurts to play all in green when we have at least two different Spartans at least two clicks away, all of them as we like them

Halo Infinite: it hurts to play all in green when we have at least two different Spartans at least two clicks away, all of them as we like them

It took six months, it is true there are many, but try to imagine what it means to clean up Zeta Halo in four. The difficulty rises depending on the number of players, as it is logical that it is, but this seems to weigh exclusively on the energy of the enemies more than on their number, which remains balanced on normal difficulty levels. There is the active friendly fireso to do things great you need brain and coordination, as well as a bit of luck because the physics of the game and the AI ​​response from nothing can always invent new disasters. We have died countless times for having the wrong target, for having acted with that impetus we were used to in single player, when instead we must now also think about others, about the consequences of our every action. It works beautifully, it is an experience that we recommend you try.

Think (almost) of everything

Halo Infinite Coop: Joy and chaos in one image.  And don't drive drunk ...

Halo Infinite Coop: Joy and chaos in one image. And don’t drive drunk …

Furthermore, the cooperative mode is designed and built really well: you choose the save to use and it updates it for you both as a guest and as a host, it recognizes everything you have already unlocked by yourself and when you find a core for better skills, they also find it. others present in the game. You can continue alone, and the next day welcoming your friends without noticing anything, for them it will be more or less the same thing. This is how Borderlands works, so to speak, but with one big difference: the Halo Infinite co-op does not currently allow us to enter games already in progress, forcing us to welcome newcomers to all return to the initial lobby. There is also another thing that has not gone down and we sincerely hope it will be resolved, perhaps even before the release: in the coop we are all Master Chiefs. How boring, wouldn’t it be better to allow us to use the Spartans we assembled in multiplayer? It would be really foolish not to, and not only because it would push new people to buy skins and other customizations, but it would bring new faces to competitive multiplayer as well.


Halo Infinite Coop: Zeta Halo is already shaking!

Halo Infinite Coop: Zeta Halo is already shaking!

With the update dedicated to the cooperative, there is also a new one replay function which will allow the group (but naturally also works alone) to replay the individual missions of Halo Infinite. Also in this case everything works in a simple and immediate way: the owner of the room opens the menu, chooses the mission, the difficulty, decides whether or not to use special skulls, and starts everything. A few seconds later, participants will be teleported within walking distance of the action. Replaying some missions is always fun, but this feature is also useful if one of the participants falls behind with his rescue, allowing the rest of the group to reactivate and replay missions already completed.

The co-op mode of Halo Infinite is all we were hoping to find when the game debuted in December 2021. It works well, is well thought out, leaves enough freedom to explore away from the group, and even allows you to replay individual missions. Not bad really, but hoping that they come to their senses by allowing us to use our multiplayer warriors, laboriously unlocked by beating hard in PVP. That would be the icing on the cake. The co-op mode will officially come out in August, at the moment it is not yet known what day.


  • Halo Infinite in co-op is four times more fun
  • The replay feature even proved useful
  • Everyone advances with the save chosen at the start of the game


  • You can’t customize your own “Chief”, but really?
  • You cannot enter while the game is in progress, for the moment
  • The campaign seems to have remained the same as before