Honda Civic Type R: here is the new series

The house presents the new version of the sports car, scheduled for 2023. Under the hood, the improved version of the 2.0-liter turbo petrol. Great attention to aerodynamics

Emiliano Ragoni

Emilia Romagna

Honda unveils the new Civic Type R, calling it the most powerful Type R ever built. This is a very important model for the Japanese house, unveiled on the occasion of its 25th anniversary and Civic’s 50th anniversary. It will arrive in Europe in early 2023. “With the new Civic Type R, Honda engineers have once again hit the target of creating the most rewarding driving experience possible in the high-performance hatchback segment. Thanks to exceptional advances and technologies derived from motorsport, we have surpassed the performance even of the lightened and simplified version of the previous model. It is this dedication to excellence in performance that has made the Civic Type R such a popular model and enjoyed by driving purists for 25 years, ”commented Tom Gardner, vice president of Honda Motor Europe.


The new Type R is lower and wider, with wheel arches protruding from the matte black 19 “alloy wheels, complemented by Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires. During development, Honda engineers aimed to create what the Japanese company defines “Ultimate Sports 2.0”, or the maximum expression of a high-performance car with front engine and drive. There are several specially developed elements such as the rear doors, which bring greater benefits in terms of aerodynamics, but also the large grille , which maximizes the air flow towards the engine, working in synergy with the thin bonnet, which in turn has an air intake, also developed to make the engine “breathe” better. There are also side spoilers positioned behind the front wheels and a new, wider rear diffuser, directly integrated into the underbody and inside which the three central tailpipes are set. o strong at the rear is the large rear spoiler, which contributes to generating greater downforce. Backed by new die-cast aluminum brackets, the wing is lower but wider than the previous model, accentuating the new roofline and wider stance. The colors available include the history White Championshipin addition to Rally RedThe Racing blue pearlThe Black Crystal and the Sonic Gray.

racing style cockpit

The cockpit adopts the style of the current Honda Civic. The novelties are represented by the lightweight front sports seats with suede leather upholstery, in addition to the novelties provided by the driving selector and the multimedia system. Drivers can choose predefined configurations for powertrain, steering, suspension and engine sound; in addition to the Comfort, Sport and + R modes, the new Individual mode allows you to customize the driving parameters. The Honda LogR data logger cannot be missing, which returns in an updated format for this version. It is now able to combine performance data collected from the car’s sensors with a smartphone app to help drivers monitor and record a variety of parameters in real time.

more power

Honda has decided not to disclose the engine data, which on the new Type R is the updated version of the Type-R 17YM 2-liter turbo petrol. The changes made are several: the turbocharger now features a compact housing to improve the overall efficiency of the unit and the turbine itself has been optimized in the number and shape of the blades, to increase power and improve airflow through the turbo. According to the Japanese company it is the most powerful Vtec turbo engine in the history of Type R, so it is easy to expect a power close to 320 hp. The gearbox is obviously a six-speed manual.