Honda presents the new Civic Type R sportier than ever

Honda unveils the new Civic type Rthe latest generation of a model that builds on 25 years of extraordinary performance: designed to deliver the most exhilarating driving experience in history.

The new Honda Civic Type R has already established the disk on the lap for a front-wheel drive sedan: the record was achieved on the legendary Japanese circuit of Suzuka. During the development work, the engineers of the Japanese company have perfected every aspect of the new model down to the smallest detail, including the innovative design, essential for improving the aerodynamic performance of the car. Lightweight components and powertrain enhancements did the rest, giving the most powerful and responsive Civic Type R diva ever.

New Honda Civic Type R: sportier than ever

The design of the new Typer R is based on that of the electric Civic e: HEV, a model recently presented by the Japanese company. The sports car is lower and wider, so as to further improve an already elegant and sporty line. The wheel arches protrude from the 19-inch matte black alloy wheels, complemented by Michelin Pilot 4S tires.

During the development phase, the engineers worked to create the Ultimate Sport 2.0the maximum expression of a high-performance car with engine and front-wheel drive. The design was conceived to convey a sense of unity, with the elements perfectly integrated.

The new design made by the developers of the Japanese company that has signed an agreement with Sony for electric cars, has allowed for improvements in terms of aerodynamics: the large grille, for example, maximizes the air flow towards the engine, working in synergy with the new slim bonnet.

The spoiler, characterized by a “flexible” design, helps to generate greater downforce and has been angled towards the rear: this solution serves to eliminate air resistance. The interior has also been renewed: the passenger compartment always maintains the high standards of comfort, refinement and practicality of the Civic and: HEV already present in the Honda list, adding some details and features with a sporty soul, such as the red finishes typical of the Type R.

Design, engine and colors of the new Civic Type R

The driving position and the hood are lowered: this serves to give a visibility better, while reducing blind spots and light reflections. The front seats are sporty with a suede leather upholstery that guarantees extraordinary postural support and great maneuverability both on the track and during longer journeys.

Historically famous for its powerful powertrains, the new Type R features an evolution of the Type-R 17YM engine which allows you to develop an even faster, more engaging and safer driving. Among the changes made are: the turbocharger with a compact housing that improves the efficiency of the unit and the optimization of the turbine in the number and shape of the blades to increase power and improve the flow of air through the turbo.

The new Honda Civic type R will be available from next year: the first deliveries in Europe are scheduled for the beginning of 2023. The colors available in addition to the historic Championship White loved by fans of the Honda Type R, also include the Rallye Red, the Racing Blue Pearl, the Crystal Black and Sonic Gray.