How can I disable notifications on my WhatsApp Web

With the restrictions on mobility that we faced at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, remote work and virtual classes became the norm in the most complicated stages of the health contingency and digital tools such as the app whatsapp instant messaging that already enjoyed great popularity became indispensable in every smartphone.

The same with the computer version of this communication service that shows you on a screen of your personal computer oh portable all the content of your conversations so that you do not miss a single message, especially if you work from home or because of your school you must spend time on the computer; but so that it does not become a distraction, a setting that will certainly help you is that of disable notifications in WhatsApp Web.

From the same digital portal you can disable the alerts that the platform sends you through the Internet navigator from which you open the site, and if you are one of those people who are always in communication and receive numerous messages, then it will be of great help so that you can concentrate.

With its text messages that perfectly complement voice notes, photos, videos, states, emojis and stickers, the mobile messaging application has earned a privileged place among user preferences, accumulating more than two thousand messages. million and a half customers in the world.

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In addition to the features that it already offers its users, it is customary for the company – which belongs to the firm Goalknown as Facebook– regularly implement improvements that are received with the new software updates.

Although for many people it may be useful for the portal to inform them of the arrival of a new chat element, the truth is that there will also be numerous people who need to work in silence, so being able to deactivate them is a basic that will make them easier life.

To disable your notifications on WhatsApp Web you must first log in by linking your user account, for which you must open the WhatsApp web portal and use your cell phone’s camera to scan the QR code.

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Already in the main screen of the platform you must press the button of three vertical points to open the section of Settings. In the menu that appears you will choose Notifications to display the system options, so you only have to deactivate the sound check box in notifications, desktop alerts and previews so that you are not receiving those reminders if you do not need them.

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