How to change Instagram font easily


Here we tell you what are the alternatives you have to modify the font of an Instagram text.

Instagram offers few text formatting options for users. Beyond emojis, it is not officially allowed add links, make text bold, or change the font. Fortunately, there is a way to change the appearance of the font in the texts that accompany the images that you upload to the social network and in the comments that you make in the content of others. Do you want to discover how to do it?

In this guide we explain step by step how change font on instagram without complications. You can do everything from your mobile phone and thanks to a series of applications that are very easy to use. Read on to learn how to modify the font when texting on the world’s most popular photography platform. Let’s go there!

Change the font on Instagram. How to do it step by step?

Do you want to change the font of your Instagram comments and posts? Read on to find out how to do it in a jiffy

In view of the fact that the Meta application does not provide too many possibilities when it comes to format textit is necessary to resort to third-party apps or websites to give a fun touch to your texts. Next, you will find three different ways to change the font on Instagram. Likewise, they are ideal solutions for add symbols to the comments of your photos and those of other users.

With a font app

The first proposal goes through install a font program on your device. A quick search in the Google Play Store or the App Store, if your phone is an iPhone, is enough to quickly find an application of this type.

How to change Instagram font easily

In three steps, you will have created your custom font text with Cool Fonts. Ready to be pasted into an Instagram text field

For our part, we have carried out this process on an Android device with the application cool fonts. These are the instructions to follow:

  1. open cool fonts and click on the button called beautiful lyrics.
  2. Write your text at the top of the screen, inside the box that says your text here.
  3. As you type, the app will generate and display the snippet with different fonts.
  4. Select the one you want to send via Instagram and, in the pop-up menu, click on Copy.
  5. Paste the clipboard content into any Instagram text field.
How to change Instagram font easily

You can paste custom text into most Instagram text fields

As shown in the previous image, it is possible to use the special fonts provided by the application on sites such as:

  • Your profile biography.
  • The comments.
  • The text that accompanies your images.
  • The stories.
  • The reels.
  • Direct messages.

Using a specialized keyboard

If you don’t want to go around copying and pasting content, another possibility is install a keyboard work with multiple sources and send the snippet directly to Instagram text fields. A valid option that you have at your fingertips is fancy key keyboard.

Once you have installed it on your device, follow the steps on the screen to set it as the default keyboard. Then, access its advanced features and choose one of the eye-catching fonts. One of its main advantages is that you will have access to this tool from any application that you have installed on your device. Therefore, it is possible to take advantage of its capabilities on Instagram, but also WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter. Likewise, does not ask to copy and paste snippetssince these are entered directly into the text field.

from a website

Everything we have taught you so far involves, inevitably, the installation of software on your terminal. But, what happens if you don’t want to download any program on your mobile? This third alternative helps you change the font on instagram without installing anything.

  1. Go to from your browser.
  2. Write a text in the upper text field.
  3. Select the text and copy it to the clipboard.
  4. Paste it into an Instagram text field to apply the typography.

As you have seen, the operation is similar to that of cool fontsbut without the need to install an application.

Other tricks related to fonts on Instagram and on your phone

How to change Instagram font easily

Instagram is not the only app where you can change the font. And if you don’t believe it, take a look at these tricks

Our colleagues at Andro4all have approached the issue of fonts on Android from various points of view. For example, we recommend you read this explanation about change the font throughout the operating system. And, focusing on Instagram, it is worth taking a look at the solutions to modify the font. Lastly, check out the article posted on this site on how to change the font in WhatsApp texts. We hope that all this information will help you fully customize the texts that you send through social networks.

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