How to detect the font of an image


In this guide we show you the steps you must take to identify a typeface that you have seen anywhere.

It’s possible detect a source taking a photo or a screenshot? This is precisely what we are going to discover in this article. The following sections show you different methods that will allow you to identify a font with your mobile phone or your computer quickly and effectively. Find out what is the font of your favorite websites, an application or a poster you see on the street. It doesn’t matter where the source is located. Finding it in a matter of seconds is possible thanks to the tricks mentioned below.

Identify a font with WhatTheFont

Identifying a font today is as simple as opening the browser. Here we tell you how to do it in great detail

WhatTheFont is a font recognition service that helps you find matches of a font in its database. Doing a query in your search engine you will be able to find the name of the font you are looking for or one that is similar.

How to detect the font of an image

WhatTheFont, a fast and effective solution, with a mobile version

To get the most out of it, do the following:

  1. Open your browser and access the service WhatTheFont.
  2. Upload an image dragging it to the center box or click the middle link to open the file browser.
  3. Once the file has been recognized, select the text string that you want to identify. This is useful when different fonts appear in an image.
  4. If necessary, rotate the image or modify the automatic text selection made by the platform. Both actions are available thanks to the two lower controls located next to the white arrow with blue background.
  5. Precisely, the arrow button is the one you must press to start the identification when you have finished adjusting the image.
  6. The search will begin and all the sources equivalent to the one you have selected in the image will appear on the screen.

Next to each source there is a price and a button called Get. Although there are some free fonts, it is not usual. Most are paid.

The mobile version of WhatTheFont

In addition to the web platform, WhatTheFont It has an app for Android and iOS. The operation is exactly the same, although with a notable difference: with your phone you can use the camera to photograph any typeface. Therefore, if you are thinking of taking advantage of the potential of WhatTheFont, download its development for mobile devices. It’s free!

Identify fonts with WhatFontIs

An alternative to the previous web is WhatFontEs. Although their names are similar, we believe that this is a more complete font search engine.

How to detect the font of an image

WhatFontIs is a very complete service with multiple options to detect fonts in a photograph or image

To get started, visit its official site and follow these steps to detect a font:

  1. Upload the image by dragging it to the box located on the left side of the window. Similarly, you can use the file explorer by clicking Browse by clicking here. It even offers the option to paste a URL directly into the bottom text field.
  2. In the next step, select the text fragments that you plan to parse with WhatFontIs. When you’re done, click on Next step.
  3. Now you will see one of the differences of this service with respect to the one presented in the previous section. And in this case you have at your disposal a Imagen editor to improve the display of the source. Rotate the capture, raise the contrast or lower the brightness. Also, there is a tool to reduce noise and another to invert colors.
  4. Without jumping to the next step, indicates with the mouse the division of the letters. This is especially recommended in fonts that simulate freehand writing and with interlinked letters.
  5. Well, when you have everything ready for identification, click on Next step.
  6. To finish, enter the selected word by matching each letter entered on the keyboard with the one shown above. check the box Show only free fonts if what you are looking for is that nothing else appears free fonts. Click on Next step and wait.
How to detect the font of an image

Search results in WhatFontIs support effective screening thanks to the filters provided by the service

If all went well, you will have the source or sources that match your search before you. WhatFontIs helps you refine the results with some filters that it is worth reviewing:

  • All. Show all results.
  • google fonts. Fonts from Google’s font service appear.
  • free personals. Free fonts for personal use.
  • Commercial. They are typefaces that have to cost money and are intended for professional use.

Finally, if you scroll to the end of the search, you will see the button Save results. It will come in handy if you want check the results later. To store a search you need to create an account.

Identify the font of a website with Fontanello

Fontanello is a free extension that works in Chrome (and other Chromium browsers) that allows you to identify with complete precision the source of a website. It is available for download at Chrome web store.

How to detect the font of an image

With Fontanello it is very easy to find a font included in a website

Once installed, this is how you should use it:

  1. Select a text on a web and right click on it.
  2. Hover over the Fontanello’s menu.
  3. Look at the first item that appears in the submenu. Is the name of the font used.

In addition to identifying sources, Fontanello provides information regarding font size, color, and other attributes included in the web style sheet (CSS). Clicking on any of the font attributes, including the font name, copies it to the clipboard.

Notice to boaters: the font does not always match completely

How to detect the font of an image

The services that we have presented here are not always right. But even in those cases they offer sources very similar to the ones you are trying to find

The mentioned methods are very simple. In a few steps, you can identify your favorite fonts and download them on your computerswhenever possible. However, we must be clear. With the exception of Fontanello, which pulls the font directly from the web code, the rest of the services we’ve tested for this guide aren’t perfect.

One of the main problems that we have not found is that the results are not always identical in all tools. With the same image we have tried to detect a font using the various recommended platforms and the result has not always been the same. For example, when analyzing a text written in Comic SansWhatTheFont offered us equivalent fonts, but never showed the exact match. On the contrary, WhatFontIs has been able to confirm that the font was, of course, the well-known Comic Sans typeface.

However, when it comes to less common fonts, both are very valid platforms to locate very similar fonts, if the results do not provide you with an accurate result. Our recommendation is that compare the results in both to find the typeface that is closest to the one you are trying to identify. And for the web, it’s always better to use Fontanello.

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