“Intimate and Shocking Revelations”: Harry’s Bombshell Book Gone

Where did the book where the Prince Harry did he want to tell us the whole truth and nothing but the truth about his life? The publishing house Penguin Random House is silent for now and the newspapers are inundated with hypotheses of a different nature, even if the most likely revolves around a studied advertising strategy to bring the wait to the stars.

The Strange Case of the Disappeared Autobiography

“The most explosive book of the decade”wrote Page Six, full of “Intimate and shocking revelations”said expert Katie Nicholl. These are just some of the media views onautobiography of Prince Harry, whose publication would be, at least theoretically, scheduled for next autumn. Definitions derived from the Duke of Sussex’s thunderous announcement in July 2021: “I wrote this book not as a prince, as I was born, but as a man, as I have become. … I am … thrilled that people are reading an accurate and completely truthful first-hand account of my life ” and supported by the advertising launch of the publishing house, the prestigious Penguin Random House: “An intimate memory of one of the most fascinating and influential global figures of our time … the definitive account of the experiences … that helped shape him”. Already these premises have created very high expectations in the public. But still no trace of the book. At least for now around the publication of the memoir there is only a disconcerting silence that makes more noise than all gossip about its possible contents. It could be the calm before the storm, but other hypotheses are making their way through the pages of the tabloids.

Where is the book? Four possible solutions to the mystery

As soon as the Penguin Random House released the list of publications relating to fall 2022, the ever-attentive Daily Mail reviewed it, hoping to find the long-awaited release date of Harry’s book. Surprisingly, however, of the memorial not even the shadow. The tabloid concluded that the publication should have been “Postponed”. This alleged delay has opened four possible avenues: the first would lead us to doubt that there is a simple postponement, suspecting that, instead, the mysterious silence is part of a clever marketing strategy that focuses on suspense. In this regard, expert Robert Jobson said: “Maybe they’re just having fun behind the scenes. They know the book is about to be published, the newspapers in New York know it’s about to come out. Maybe they’re looking for even more publicity … It won’t be stuff. [riguardante] childhood. They will be current things … explosive stuff “ And “Will cause serious problems”. The second path would suggest a kind of writer’s block, with Harry failing to carry out his commitment (despite the presence of Pulitzer Prize winner JR Moehringer, who should help him with the technical part of the work. Elle magazine wrote: “A delay on the schedule is entirely plausible, after all it has already happened in the context of the collaboration … with Spotify and Netflix who … would have been dissatisfied with the slowdown in the production of the famous podcast and all the television projects … If things were to stay thus, the Queen’s nephew would confirm his unreliability to carry out his commitments… ”. The third way, however, would like the prince committed to updating the memoir with a new chapter on the treatment received by the royal family during the Platinum Jubilee. An extremely dangerous hypothesis, if it is true that Harry would have been disappointed by the icy indifference reserved for him by his relatives. The fourth and last way would suggest a form of respect from the duke towards his grandmother: Harry would have asked the publisher to postpone the publication so as not to “obscure the Jubilee”Roya Nikkhah explained.

Is there a need for this autobiography?

In early July 2022, the Sussexes announced they were financially independent of the royal family and British taxpayers. But everything they’ve produced and seen so far is somehow connected to the Windsors. Memoir included. One wonders if the autobiography will be truly impartial or dictated by the desire for revenge on the royal family. Expert Christopher Andersen said: “Nobody expects Harry’s book to be a love note to his relatives … the going gets tough.” Duncan Larcombe upped the ante: “How can the royals re-admit Harry when he’s basically turned into a reporter? As long as the book hangs over them like a sword of Damocles, how can they be expected to hold out an olive branch? ”. Roya Nikkhah said: “Postponing publication could be a relief for the royal family and courtiers, with some fearful of being targeted by the book after the interview with Oprah …”. What if Harry’s memoir wasn’t as shocking as expected? Royal commentator Kinsey Schofield tries to calm the mood: “Maybe it’s just a book about a man who learned to live and love after his mother’s death …”. Perhaps Penguin Random House may not be very interested in paying millions to see Harry in the unprecedented role of life teacher.