iOS 16 beta 4: Here are ALL the news in a single continuously updated article!

A few minutes ago iOS 16 beta 4 is finally available and, as usual, through this article we will go to see what’s new and how it improves compared to beta 3.

This article will be constantly updated because we will add new features as we review the firmware and find them. You can help us by leaving a comment and indicating some news that we missed, perhaps attaching a screenshot.

What’s new in iOS 16 beta 1, beta 2 and beta 3

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What’s new in iOS 16 beta 4

1. The first novelty that we can summarize in a single point, is the addition of many new introduction and description screens that appear only once, at the first launch of the system apps. We therefore find a new screen that appears when we lower the Home screen and bring up the search box: now iOS 16 explains that in this box we can also search on the internet in addition to everything else. A new screen at the launch of the App Store informs us about the privacy related to services such as Apple Arcade and more, from which Apple preferences can be used for marketing purposes (which was not specified before). A new screen also for the Notes app. Symptom that these apps are now “complete” and that Apple has finished adding features and fixed any kind of bugs that might have existed.

2. We find a new screen that renders clearer customization of notifications in Lockscreen. As you know, in fact, since beta 1, it is possible to view notifications in 3 different styles “Counting, Collection or List”. Now we find an icon for each of these that immediately makes it clearer the type of display to set.

3. The message now appears in Lockscreen “+ Add Widget” just below the clock. This makes it much clearer that widgets can be added in that section. Previously that same area was highlighted by the rectangle but there was no text in it.

4. With the iOS 16 beta 4, Apple has finally enabled Live Activity API. These are tools for developers that will allow them to build applications that deliver results in real time. They will be very convenient for following the results of a particular sport, for example a football match, through the lower section of the Lockscreen which will update in real time with the results. Even apps like Uber will be able to use these APIs to show a widget in real time that indicates how soon the car will arrive to pick us up. There are endless application possibilities, all of which are very useful.

5. Modified times and methods editing and deleting messages on iMessage. As of beta 4, we can change a message at most 5 times. In addition, every single change is reported and is visible to both senders and recipients. Once you have passed 5 changes to a message, the Edit button will disappear from the menu. The time after which a message can be deleted has also been reduced. In previous versions we had 15 minutes to be able to delete a message, but in beta 4 the time was significantly reduced to just 2 minutes. We still have 15 minutes for the change.

6. I’m CarPlay they have been introduced 3 new wallpapersboth in light and dark mode for a total of 6. Basically it is always the same background, that of iOS 16, but in different colors including one completely blue and blue and one in black and white.

7. In the settings of the Mail application it is now possible to choose after how long the application will actually go to send the Email. Choosing a “delay” time we will automatically have the option to cancel sending an email. We can choose between 10 seconds, 20 seconds and 30 seconds. If we write an email and we realize that we have missed something or made a mistake, we can press the cancel button and the email will no longer be sent.

8. Even in the application Home there are some new wallpapers. They are 21 and you can download them from Wallpapers Central.

9. When we change the volume of a song with the Music app open, the volume bar will become larger to make it easier for us to drag and drop.

10. Widget now playing in Lockscreen has been slightly modified with thicker graphics and fonts.

11. Was modified the screen that allows us to change the background of the Home. Previously, a button appeared above the background that allowed us to blur the image. Now this button has been moved to the bottom right with a drop icon and the words “Blur“. The “Original”, “Color”, “Gradient” and “Photo” keys remain unchanged.

12. One has been added new Accessibility feature very interesting call “Check nearby devices” which allows you to remotely control another device updated to iOS 16 or iPadOS 16. It can happen that an iPhone will damage the screen or the Home button, or that the touchscreen loses sensitivity in certain points as a result of failures, but it can also happen that you use an iPad as a screen to watch a TV series while you are comfortably seated on the sofa and you do not want to get up to make some changes well, with this function it will be possible to use an iPhone to interact with the other device and send commands. Among the options we have the possibility to recall: Home Screen, Application List, Notification Center, Control Center, Siri. We also have all the controls for multimedia files, to put in Play or Pause, go forward or backward and raise or lower the volume.

13. Finally, in addition to the Depth in screen lock (the one that allows the backgrounds to overlap the clock) is also working perspective zoom. This function allows you to move the background slightly and make it wobble when we hold our iPhone and move or tilt it.

14. Tiny change in Lockscreen: Until now, when we unlocked the phone with Face ID, the lock disappeared immediately. Now, however, there is an animation where the lock opens and continues to remain “open” on the screen for a few fractions of a second, before disappearing completely.

15. Also in the application Books the options menu has completely changed but until now we hadn’t noticed it yet. We do not know if the changes took place in this beta 4 or are already present from the first version.