iPhone 13 Pro vs iPhone 14 Pro: what will be the differences

It has not been presented yet, but we already know the iPhone 14 Pro in depth and that is why we compare it with the current iPhone 13 Pro.

Although there are still a few weeks left for Apple to present its new iPhone 14, they should arrive in September, the Rumors and leaks have already revealed practically all their official specifications of the new iPhone. This takes away some of the magic from the official presentation, but allows us to make comparisons with previous models.

Just as we have compared the iPhone 11 Pro with the next iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro with the iPhone 14 Pro, now it is time to compare the next generation of iPhone with the most current iPhone 13 Pro. In the previous comparisons we have seen a lot of changes but, Would there be so many changes between the iPhone 13 Pro and 14 Pro?

iPhone 13 Pro vs. iPhone 14 Pro

We compare the iPhone 13 Pro with the iPhone 14 Pro

iPhone 13 Pro vs. iPhone 14 Pro: main changes and news

From what we know so far, Apple will maintain the design released with the iPhone 12 generation againso the external changes will be quite limited. However, important improvements are expected this year, relevant changes compared to the iPhone 13 Pro.

Display enhancements

The screen is one of the most important elements and it seems that this year Apple will continue its evolution and incorporate new features that many users will like. According to the main rumors, this is what we expect.

  • Slightly larger screens with fewer bezels. It seems that the frames are going to be reduced in the iPhone 14 Pro and that, as a consequence, the screens will grow slightly. This improvement will be small, but it could be noticeable.
  • Refresh rate improvements. The screen of the iPhone 14 Pro is expected to improve its refresh rate and can vary between 1 Hz and 120 Hz, the iPhone 13 Pro have a rate that varies between 10 and 120 Hz.
  • screen always on. A direct consequence of the above, by being able to go down to only 1 Hz, like the Apple Watch, the iPhone 14 Pro will have a screen that is always on.
iPhone 14 Pro

The iPhone 14 Pro will debut a screen without a notch

design changes

externally, we will not notice many changes since the body of the device will be very similar. However, we will notice two important changes compared to the iPhone 13 Pro: a larger camera module and a double hole in the screen instead of the notch.

  • Notch Removal. An exclusive novelty for the iPhone 14 Pro that will replace the notch, present since the iPhone X, with a double hole on the screen.

Camera improvements

All the cameras of the iPhone 14 Pro will improve on those of the iPhone 13 Pro, but in particular we will have very important improvements in two of the sensors.

  • New 48 megapixel sensor. The main camera of the iPhone will improve its resolution for the first time in a long time and is expected to reach 48 megapixels.
  • Important news in the front camera. Big changes are also expected in the selfie camera with an improved front sensor with autofocus, it could be one of the biggest updates to the front camera.
iPhone 14 Pro

One of the points that will improve the most in the iPhone 14 Pro will be the camera

difference in processor

Something basic on every generation of iPhone. The new iPhone 14 is expected to slightly improve performance thanks to its new A16 Bionic chip.

  • A16 Bionic Chip. The changes in terms of power will not be too important, although we could expect improvements of around 20%.

Battery improvement

The battery of the iPhone has been improving over the years and are the smartphones that offer the best durationin fact, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is the high-end smartphone with the longest battery life.

It seems that the batteries of the iPhone 14 Pro will be larger, so we expect a slight improvement in this aspect. Though will not be a drastic increase of battery life.

Price increase

A difference that hopefully is not real, but everything indicates that it will be. The price of the iPhone 14 could increase up to 100 dollars.

  • Apple iPhone 14: 1,099 USD / 1,259 euros
  • Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max: 1,199 USD / 1,359 euros