It takes about $150,000 worth of graphics cards to run the world’s most demanding PC game

Even with the most extreme PC Gamer, we would not be able to play an AI Dungeon map, a video game created by AI (Artificial Intelligence).

According to Nick Walton, CEO of Latitude and a software engineer who helped design the initial code for the story generator inspired by Dungeons & Dragons says: “If I wanted to play an AI Dungeon level, we would need not only the most powerful GPU on the market, but a total of 8 or 16 GPUs.” According to him, the best would be to have much more powerful graphics cards than the best graphics cards today.

The language models used in AI Dungeon’s Dragon are based on the language model Jurrasic language-1 Jumbo of 178 billion parameters developed by AI21, this needs a lot of computing power to recognize and remember important elements of the story and use complex writing styles.

Nick talks about the NVIDIA DGX Station A100, as it’s the type of computer that Latitude uses to power the most intense AI models in the game.

AI Dungeon, is the most demanding game in terms of graphics card requirements

“AI Dungeon, especially at launch and probably still today, it is the most demanding game in terms of graphics card requirements”, says Nick, “and that for a long time it didn’t even have charts.”

An NVIDIA DGX Station A100 from NVIDIA, with eight A100 GPUs, is priced at roughly $150,000 in technology costs, and that’s just to run the most advanced AI, as the company has other AI models that need to run. simultaneously to better play the game levels. That’s one of the reasons the company uses AI service providers, and even these have struggled to get the power they need.

Obviously, there is also a huge energy cost associated with running all of this, Nick says that at one point the company was spending so much on energy, it was outstripping the salaries of the 16 people working on the project.

Adding to those energy costs are the tools to handle the game’s AI, which earlier this week Latitude made the decision to make free to all players.

What can happen to the AI?

Nick says that working with AI can be a big challenge. Controlling an AI to prevent it from going rogue is very difficult, as “AI can sometimes be like a little child, unruly.” You can sway him in the right direction, but sometimes if “You instruct him not to do something, you’ve already primed his brain and he’s probably going to do that.”

Fortunately, the team is working on optimizations to not only make its AI more efficient, but also keep it in check. All of this will be very important the game will be released on steamnext week, July 28.

Nick Walton really believes that this type of technology will change the landscape of storytelling in two ways, the first is that the “AI will enable experiences that have freedom and dynamism that have never been possible before.” And as an example he talks about how many people have completed those same missions in World of Warcraft, and how boring it is to know that other people are doing the same thing as you.

We can all be creative directors with AI Dungeons

“I want to play an experience where I go to a small town and go through several unique events that no one has ever been through before, and end up being the town hero,” says Nick.

And it’s not just a one-time experience that AI storytelling offers. The second thing: “It’s the ability of AI to enable an entirely new massive generation of creators…allowing each person to be a creative director of their own experience.” Nick is convinced that one day creators will be able to orchestrate their creative visions, bringing them to life through the power of AI.

It’s exciting to see companies like Latitude expand and evolve, surely the launch of Vapor it’s going to be a hit, so put AI Dungeon on your wish list.

Source: PC GAMER