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Despite the appearance of new applications, WhatsApp It is still the most popular app in the world and it is the messaging platform that is used all the time with more than 2 billion users worldwide, however, it has an (unofficial) version called whatsapp plus and every day has new downloads.

Despite the fact that WhatsApp Plus is not an original version and has several “changes” compared to the real application, netizens have been downloading it continuously throughout the world.

And it is that WhatsApp Plus has the option to delete the “online” when a person is connected in the app, also to see the messages that were deleted and has exclusive emojis that WhatsApp does not have. For this reason, in this MANAGEMENT note we tell you how you can download this new version on your Android phone without having to pay any amount of money or run the risk of contracting a virus.

How to download WhatsApp Plus 2022?

WhatsApp Plus can be downloaded from the iDownload link, which is, but in order to do so, you must follow these steps:

  • Delete original WhatsApp.
  • Go to Google Chrome and download WhatsApp Plus APK (executable file) from the page of your choice.
  • Check the URL to not download any malware or programs that can harm your computer.
  • Install WhatsApp Plus to authorize Google Chrome.
  • Finally, WhatsApp Plus can be installed. You will need to specify a mobile phone number and choose where to export the chats from.

How is the version of WhatsApp Plus in APK?

Although the version of WhatsApp Plus is not official from WhatsApp, you have to be aware of the warnings that appear when installing it.

If a message appears that the Plus version cannot be installed, everything related to WhatsApp must be deleted, for this you must go to Settings, Applications and in the search bar, type WhatsApp.

Requirements to install WhatsApp Plus on the cell phone

In case you want to have WhatsApp Plus installed on your cell phone, it must be Android yes or yes, also, you must be connected to a Wi-Fi network and have enough space to do so since the app occupies between 40 or 50 MB.

These are the news of WhatsApp Plus APK

  • It has a new privacy and security system
  • It has the possibility of configuring WhatsApp Plus with a “do not disturb” mode
  • You can hide connection status and conversations.
  • You can block or suspend the “last seen” status
  • Automatic removal notifications can be enabled.
  • Option to activate in a certain chat if you want connection alerts.
  • You will no longer suffer from annoying ads in people’s ‘stories’, nor will it ask you to download other strange apps.
  • You have the option to schedule messages and even determine if a blue check mark appears in case they have not responded.
  • Photos that have been deleted from a chat can be recovered.
  • You have the possibility to change the color of each section and download new themes as well.
  • You will receive notifications when someone sees your stories