lock screen, iMessage, notifications and much more

After the news of the third beta of iOS 16 were moderate, the fourth brings us a lot of small fixes and improvements throughout the system. Improvements covering home screen settings, Live Activities, the Messages app, and more.

News and details throughout the system

The list of new features that have come with this fourth beta, in addition to the usual performance improvements and bug fixes, is long. no more let’s review all the changes:

  • View of edited messages in Messages: Now we can see what the original message we received said when our interlocutor edits it. To do this we just have to tap on edited to display previous messages.
  • Time limits to undo messages: which are reduced from 15 minutes to just two.
  • Limit of editions in Messages: now we can only edit a specific message up to five times. The time limit of 15 minutes to do so is maintained.
  • The Live Activities arrive: that allow applications to display notifications or dynamic widgets on the lock screen of our iPhone.
  • Customize the time to undo sending an email: now we can disable this functionality or ask the system to wait 10, 20 or 30 seconds before sending the message.

  • Improvements in Continuity Camera: with a new button to activate the desktop view and a new popup message that explains what it is. A short tutorial is included to explain how to position our iPhone for best results.
  • Improvements in Settings: In the notification settings, where we choose whether we want them to be displayed as a list, group or count on the home screen, some images are included to quickly show the differences.
Thursday 28 Jul 2022 09 25 30

  • Music Improvements: now when adjusting the playback volume in the Music app the volume bar grows as we move it.
  • Lock screen music playback widget improvements: with some changes in the texts, larger and more visible.
Thursday 28 Jul 2022 09 25 20

  • Health Storage: in the occupied storage section, in the Health section, we can now see the space occupied by each of the measurements.
Thursday 28 Jul 2022 09 25 25

  • Improved home screen settings: which now offers us a new interface when adjusting the home screen and adds the text “Add widget” to clarify what we can do in that area.
  • Several new wallpapers in the Home app.
  • New wallpapers for CarPlay.

iOS 16: main features, how to download it and compatible models

As we can see, the list of new features is quite long. If to that we add the numerous bug fixes that emerge from the release notes we are facing a beta 4 that arrives with force. One that, for now, is only in the hands of developers, but will soon reach the public channel.