manicures with waves that will bring you the sea

It is very possible that you are one of the lucky ones who are about to go on vacation to the coast to spend a few dream days and enjoy the sun and the sea to the fullest. But if, on the other hand, this year for whatever reason you won’t be able to take a vacation and go to the beach, there is still something you can do and that is bring the sea to your hands. Yes, yes, as you read it, because there is nothing that ‘nail art’ cannot achieve. So if your salt water cravings can’t wait, we’re going to show you six designs of mermaid style wave nails that are going to freak you out

All these designs in which, of course, blue predominates They are part of the biggest trends in summer manicures. Among them, you will find abstract French, a lot of ‘glitter’, a mixture of tones and, as we had already told you, waves of all kinds that remind us of the waves of the sea. This selection of mermaid-style manicures they are very different from each other, but they will all look great on your nails regardless of their shape or whether you wear them short or long.

Of course: you will need a good hand and a lot of skill to do them, so there will be no problem if you were a real ‘pro’ in the field of manicures. If this is not the case, contact your beauty center so that a specialist can do the nail design that you like the most. Do you want to know the mermaid style manicures? Slide this gallery!

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A top of ‘glitter’

Glitter manicures will always be our downfall, and even more so if they are created to represent the sea.


abstract french

You probably haven’t stopped seeing this style on your social networks, but it couldn’t be more fashionable!


The most special French

We had always told you how many versions the French version has, but did you imagine it with the ocean?


Waves in different shades

On a natural background, your waves will be able to take on all the prominence of your nails.


with textures

Intersperse monochromatic nails with others with relief and stickers like these starfish to give a touch of class.

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