Neither reinstalling Windows nor formatting the hard drive kills it.


A new rootkit puts the computer community on alert due to its potential danger to infected computers.

The benefits of Computing and the technology there are so many that many times we do not stop to think about the potential dangers to use our equipment on a daily basis. It is true that Following certain guidelineswe have already told you about the ten commandments of the FBI to protect your devices, you can avoid great evilbut the reality is that there are a thousand and one ways for digital criminals to get hold of your data, whether through a YouTube ad or with techniques as sophisticated as SATAn.

A malware that is capable of surviving the most used techniques for its elimination: this is how CosmicStrand works

The digital security company Kaspersky has recently published a discovery that should concern public and private entities. Under the name of cosmic threadthe company has shown a root kita type of malware that hides in the operating system of any computer, and that is cash with certain models Gigabyte or ASUS motherboards chipset ripped off H81. This type of malware is really hard to createsince a small mistake could disable the attacked team, but, on the other hand, it is very difficult to locate and remove.

Few malware are able to survive operating system installations and hard drive changes

When we talk about your difficult removalwe are putting ourselves in the most common situation that happens when a computer is infected. Most computer technicians would suggest the user to go back to install the operating system of your team or change the hard drive where he stays. Nevertheless, cosmic thread seems to be able to put up with these two emergency measuressince you can run your software from the boot of the operating system. This is where the stickier questionsince CosmicStrand could be used for connect to servers controlled by the hacker shift. However, not all bad news.

The malware has been monitored on computers with components that are not the latest to appear on the market, so the condition would not be too pronounced. In fact, as stated on the Kaspersky website, they have identified victims from CosmicStrand only in China, Vietnam, Iran and Russia. In addition, to close the prevailing concern, it seems that those affected would be individual peoplewithout links to any type of company or public entity.

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