“No is no”: Iranian women protesting compulsory hijab

  • Faren Taghizadeh
  • persian bbc


The women shared photos of themselves bareheaded.

Women in Iran have protested against compulsory hijab by removing their headscarves in public and posting images on social media.

“No compulsory hijab! Today I drove all the way to work without wearing a headscarf to say no to the rules. Our dream is to be free to choose what to wear,” an Iranian woman tells the camera in a video posted on Internet.

Human rights activists urged women across the country to post videos of themselves removing their hijab in public, coinciding with July 12, the National Day of Hijab and Chastity in Iran’s official calendar.

Dozens of women responded to the call, despite the risk of being arrested for this act of civil disobediencewhich goes against the country’s laws on “Islamic dress”.