No one has been able to run DOOM on a CFE meter in Mexico… for now

“Doom is eternal”, one of the most famous phrases to refer to the game that, since 1993, is still one of the great shooting titles which has not only been renewed and maintained with its last two installments (Doom 2016 and Doom: Eternal), but it is also one of the easiest to take to places other than a computer, at least the original version of it.

Among these are from refrigerators, calculators (perhaps the most popular), microwave and pretty much anything that has a screen, like the touch bar of a MacBook, cameras and even pregnancy tests, but sadly not in a light meter of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) of Mexico.

And it is that recently the news began to circulate in various media and portals that the title developed by id Software it had been possible to run on the screen of one of these meters, deploying the life and ammunition counter, but nothing is further from reality, because in reality it is a montage of a feat that we would be more than proud to show off.

Dismantling the charade

Let’s start at the beginning, this is the “photo” that began to circulate a few days ago on various platforms, where he made sure it was the last milestone where Doom could be run.

At the moment there are several reasons to ensure that the “feat” is only a montage, the first and most obvious, for the lack of evidence in video format of the game runningeven if it was poorly on the meter, as the evidence only jumped from social networks to Reddit forums and back.

The following is the type of screen that this model of meters has, and it is that as can be seen in the following image, it is a segment LCD, which only “paints” the elements that are marked and are not pixelstherefore, it cannot display the type of content that includes the alleged evidence.

CFE meter

This is the screen of a CFE meter, where all the signals that it can illuminate are noted

Other evidence comes from the videos of Equalo, a Youtube channel that decided to play Doom a couple of years ago using a calculator that was powered by a potato field and where an interface more similar to the “achieved” one in the meter can be seen.

Doom On Calculator

The Doom played on the Equalo channel calculator

From here it is “relatively” easy to find the original image that was mounted on the meter, also from another calculator, but a monochrome Ti-83 Plusbeing a tutorial of the LGR channel where we can see exactly the frame that “appears” in the CFE device.

Cfe Meter And Calculator

On the left the meter screen and on the right the calculator (note the number of ammunition in 42 and the position of the enemy soldier, as well as the walls)

With this “overwhelming” evidence, we can say that without a doubt, at the time of writing this post, no one has managed to run Doom on the screen of a CFE meter, although we do not rule out that with the ease that the game has to be adaptedsomeone will soon show an adapted version that will entertain the community, but above all, suffer the Electricity Commission and even generate fines for users for altering one of their registration devices.

In the event that someone achieves the feat of installing it on one of these meters, do not hesitate to contact us, and above all: do not forget to include the evidence that proves it!