Pokémon Scarlet and Purple filters a strange detail of the final evolution of Fuecoco

The fire-type starter would have a bird-shaped flame, according to a new Pokémon Scarlet and Purple leak.

The Rumors and alleged leaks of Pokémon Scarlet and Purple they have not stopped happening in recent weeks, so very interesting details of the ninth generation of Game Freak that will land on November 18th exclusively for Nintendo Switch. During the last hours we told you that new evolutions and unknown forms could have been revealed that will make their debut and this time it is time to talk about the initial ones again, since the final evolution of Fuecoco aims to have a certainly strange detail.

For this information you have to refer to one of the most reliable leakers in the Pokémon universe, the riddle khuthat although in recent days it has been in charge of certifying certain rumors from other sources, it has now returned to the fray to ensure that the final evolution of Fuecoco will have a flame on his head looking like a bird. This is one of the most widespread rumors about the definitive form of the fire-type initial, since it had previously been related to a rooster and certain Iberian culture sculptures in which crocodiles and roosters appear. In this way, the union of both animals for this evolution could be confirmed.

Of course, all this should be taken as a mere rumor for nowSince, although Khu has provided a lot of reliable information in the past, we have to wait for Nintendo and Game Freak to rule on the matter and offer new official details of Pokémon Scarlet and Purple, which has less than four months left for its premiere.

The final evolution of Fuecoco would be quadrupedal

Among other details that are emerging around the next generation of Pokémon and, specifically, the fire-type starter. According to Riddler Khu himself and other leakers, this final form will be quadrupedalso it will not rise to stand on two legs, as it happens with many other final evolutions of the initial ones. In fact, the opposite process would be followed here, with Fuecoco standing on two legs and falling to four in his last form.

Pokémon Scarlet and Purple may have leaked the total number of new Pokémon

It will be necessary to see which of all these details end up being true when Pokémon Scarlet and Purple in the upcoming trailers that they arrive from the new generation or when they launch on November 18.