Prices for high-end RTX 3000 graphics cards continue to drop

Graphics cards that were once three times the recommended price are now well below that price. Prices drop hundreds of dollars each week, and some cards come with the added incentive of free games.

We all know that the improvement in availability, largely due to people leaving the crypto mining business, this drives graphics card prices down, below MSRP (Recommended Retail Price), in some cases. Also, with the next generation of GPUs on the way and economic concerns keeping consumers from spending on unnecessary product, NVIDIA has a glut of high-end cards. This has led to many offers being launched over the course of weeks.

The situation has made GPUs become cheaper. For example, in Newegg, an online store from which we can make purchases from Argentina, it shows the RTX 3090 Ti models, whose Founders edition recently reduced its price by USD 400, available from USD 1,400. Meanwhile, the cheapest RTX 3090 model is $1,199.

Elsewhere, you can see an RTX 3080 Ti Ventus that costs $899 with a $30 rebate, while the 12GB RTX 3080, a card rumored to have been dropped by NVIDIA, is available for $769, but you’ll only pay $739 after using the rebate.

Now, what happens in Argentina? Well the prices are just as low or even lower, we found a 10GB 3080 for 175 thousand pesos, that at the BLUE DOLAR has a price of 540 dollars if we take it at $325. And on top of that it comes with the FREE games from the NVIDIA promo.

Nvidia GPU Price Trends

The NVIDIA Games Pack is for the RTX 3080, 3080 Ti, 3090 and 3090 Ti models and includes four games: Doom Eternal and the two expansions The Old Gods, and Ghostwire: Tokyo. The Old Gods Part 1 and Part 2 they do not require the Doom Eternal base title, so they are technically standalone games.

As NVIDIA’s promotion only applies to its high-end cards, there are not many discounts on mid-range RTX 3000 products, an RTX 3070 can be found as cheap at 145 thousand pesos. At this point it is advisable to gather what is missing and go for an RTX 3080.

On the other hand the dilemma facing most gamers now is whether to upgrade to a well priced RTX 3000 or wait and see what price-performance the upcoming RTX 4000 cards offer.