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Among the things for which Prime Video, Amazon’s streaming service, is generally known and appreciated is not usually its interface, which has remained largely unchanged for years. Now the platform has been profoundly revamped (users will find it changed in the coming days or months, depending on the devices they use) and, among other things, it looks a lot more like Netflix and Disney + than before. This renewal of the interface also arrives, probably not surprisingly, before very important months for Prime Video, on which American football will arrive in September and, above all, what is already now, after only one season, the most expensive series of always: The Lord of the Rings – The Rings of Power.

Prime Video (in the press releases the company insists that it be called that and not “Amazon Prime” or “Amazon Prime Video”) has existed in its earliest forms since 2006. Its first name, when it was still a US-only service, was Amazon Unbox, which later became Amazon Video on Demand and later renamed Amazon Instant Video. It was associated with Amazon’s Prime membership (which has around 200 million subscribers) in 2011 and has been producing its original content since 2013. And it’s “at least eight years old,” he wrote. Vulturethat “the user interface wasn’t changed that much.”

All time Vulture added: “Although the Prime Video platform has grown quite a lot since the days of Alfa house And Mozart in the junglethe foundations of its UI have changed very little, except for a couple of cosmetic alterations such as new fonts and trailer autoplay ».

On how little one liked the interface of Prime Video, it is not very difficult to find opinions: “Compared to Netflix, Disney + and the other main services” he wrote The border “It was certainly never the most elegant or the most intuitive, it lacked cleanliness and looked patchy.” According to New York Times“If Amazon excels in giving order and accessibility to an apparently infinite series of articles, Prime Video” was instead, and had been for a long time, “ugly and rudimentary”. Indeed, a few months ago the site Paste titled one of his articles (obviously exaggerating, but still revealing a widespread feeling) “Prime Video is now really impossible to use”.

The new interface, which many sites have seen and described but have not yet been able to use directly, seems to like it instead. The main innovations – coming after a job that Prime Video says lasted a year and a half – concern the addition of a side navigation menu, the addition of the “Top 10” content of a certain type and greater emphasis on some offers by Prime Video, starting with live TV.

In reference to the fact that various new elements make Prime Video very similar to Netflix, Helena Cerna, director of “product management” at Amazon, said that “part of the ease of use lies in familiarity and therefore, since there are now” models already established ”, Prime Video has chosen to“ exploit ”them.

Given when the new interface was presented, it is not difficult to interpret the novelty as a way of putting on the best dress in view of a series of major events. The first will be the arrival, in September, following an annual investment of approximately one billion dollars, of “Thursday Night Football”, the Thursday night games of the NFL championship.

Also in September, the first episodes of the highly anticipated series on the Lord of the Rings that “will take viewers into a distant era in which great powers were forged, kingdoms ascended to glory and fell into ruin, unlikely heroes were tested, hope hanging on the thinnest of threads, and one of the greatest villains to come out of Tolkien’s pen threatened to plunge the whole world into darkness. ‘

There is less talk about it but, in the future, the “Live TV” section could also offer interesting implications, which various observers think will become very important for streaming services: to recreate the television sense of collective vision to avoid , lost in an overwhelming offer, users spend too much time choosing what to watch, and then maybe not watching anything.

Recently, Prime Video also announced several of its novelties for Italy. Among other things there will be a “LOL Xmas Special: Who laughs is out”, a new season of Dinner Club (in which Carlo Cracco’s guests and travel companions will be Antonio Albanese, Paola Cortellesi, Marco Giallini and Luca Zingaretti), the series “Sono Lillo”, a comedy show about improvisation hosted by Frank Matano.