Priscila Lara, the beauty queen from Ecatepec who was arrested in Europe for stealing bottles of wine

Priscila Lara Guevara participated representing the State of Mexico in the 2016 contest (Photo: Facebook)

On the afternoon of this Tuesday, July 19, the former Mexican beauty queen Priscilla Lara Guevara was arrested in Croatia for a million-dollar wine robbery committed in Spain.

Former contestant Miss Earth Mexico for the State of Mexico participated in the large theft of wine occurred on October 27, 2021, according to a statement from the Spanish police.

The accomplice of the 29-year-old Mexican was identified as Constantine Gabriel Dumitrua 47-year-old man with dual nationality, Romanian and Dutch, who already had a criminal record.

The man removed the bottles and kept them in his backpack (Capture: Twitter @policia)
The man removed the bottles and kept them in his backpack (Capture: Twitter @policia)

Both subjects were arrested while trying to cross the Croatian border from Montenegro at the Karasovi Sutorina border post, but their names were bulletined by Interpol and Europolso they were consigned at the time, according to the report released.

It was reported that the couple is allegedly responsible for the theft of 45 bottles of wine stolen from Atrio, an exclusive hotel and restaurant located in Cáceres, awarded with two Michelin stars, and that per person supposes an expense of more than 200 euros.

The stolen bottles reach a total price of 1.6 million euros, the equivalent of approximately 33.5 million Mexican pesos.

Priscila Lara is originally from Ecatepec and participated in the contest in 2016 (Photo: Facebook)
Priscila Lara is originally from Ecatepec and participated in the contest in 2016 (Photo: Facebook)

According to the judicial elements of Spain, the Mexican and the Romanian visited Atrio up to three times before strikingon October 27, 2021.

Those involved had dinner two of the times and on another occasion they had lunch, according to the police report obtained by The world. It is striking that the waiters of the exclusive hotel described them as people “with exquisite education and manners”.

On the day of the robbery, the former beauty queen booked a room at Atrio, then wore a brunette wig and dark glasses. The hotel manager noticed that the young woman was carrying a backpack, not a knapsack. With a false Swiss passport, Lara Guevara identified herself speaking perfect Englishas detailed by the Spanish media.

45 bottles of wine were stolen from the Atrio hotel (Capture: Twitter/ @policia)
45 bottles of wine were stolen from the Atrio hotel (Capture: Twitter/ @policia)

Lara announced that that night she would have dinner with a companion, and at the same time Constantin entered: together they had dinner quickly and paid. The same as all the people who visit the exclusive establishmentthey were offered a tour of the on-site wine cellarwhich includes 42 vintages from Mouton-Rothschild, 27 from Latour, 23 from Petrus and 80 from Château d’Yquem, and Atrio has the largest collection of this bottle in the world.

Those involved would have stolen a unique bottle in the world, a Chateau d’Yquem from 1806, valued at 310 thousand euroswhile six other wines date from the 19th century.

The Spanish police consider that the man and the woman demonstrated “to be highly specialized and experienced when carrying out the robbery with millimeter planning”.

And it is that after their visit to the cellar, the couple went up to their room and, moments later, the man left the room to go to the basement where the cellar is located. Gained access with a previously stolen master key. Moments later she came out with three large backpacks, one in each hand and another on her back, where she placed the bottles.

In the meantime, priscilla he distracted the employees with the excuse that he would prepare something to eat for him, even though the kitchen was already closed. The couple left the hotel at 05:30 hrs. in the morning and the theft was discovered that same morning, but hours later.

Constantine Gabriel Dumitru had two arrest warrants issued by Madrid Courts, for shoplifting wine bottles gourmet from the Salamanca district. He had also been arrested for stealing bottles of wine at the airport in Geneva, Switzerland.

After the arrest in Croatia, the petition procedure was initiated for their transfer to Spain to be placed at the disposal of the Cáceres court that issued the European Arrest and Extradition Order. Although the couple has already been arrested, nothing is known about the bottles so far.

According to the official page of Miss Earth Mexico, Priscila was a contestant in the year 2016when the young woman processed today was 22 years old. She is originally from Ecatepec and at that time she had a higher education degree than high school, in addition to command of the English language.


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