PS5 for € 600 or more after a price increase? Many are already paying them without problems –

It is news today that Sony has declined to comment on the possibility of a PS5 price increase. In a market where obtaining raw materials is increasingly complex and expensive and which has seen many technological products rise in price, it is certainly not comforting that Sony has not categorically denied this possibility.

Of course, officially, there is nothing more to say, but for many players – who still have to manage to get the console – the idea of ​​seeing a price increase is not pleasant: 600 € (imagining a + 100 € as in the case of Quest 2) for PS5 it seems a bit much, right? If you think about it, however, the last two years have shown that it’s not too much at all.

Excluding those who pre-ordered the console before its release and excluding a very few lucky ones, a good chunk of current PS5 owners have had to contend with higher prices. First of all, because of the touts: for months, since the release of the console, the touts have forced many PlayStation fans to buy consoles at much higher prices than normal, easily over 700 euros.


Secondly, even today, the available units are often sold through beam. Yes, in this case the price is justified by the presence of other products, such as games, subscriptions and accessories: however, we must admit that these are often objects that the buyer is not interested in; the real transaction is for PS5 and the player agrees to buy the console even at a higher price.

The players have therefore shown that they are ready to pay more than 399/499 euros for PS5 Digital / Standard. Sony’s real problem is related to the negative publicity this move would attract.

Consoles usually drop in price over time, not the other way around and, also considering that it is difficult to find one, a price increase would become a personal offense to many. We are sure that for at least some time there would be chaos on the internet. Eventually there would be sales, but, as Cyberpunk 2077 teaches, selling and then being hated by everyone is not good for business at all.

PS5 DualSense Controller

PS5 DualSense Controller

If the price increase were € 20 or € 30, we are sure that the annoyance would be minimal, but if there was an increase of € 100 it would not be easy to calm people down. To do so, Sony could propose some kind of new model of PS5which costs in the production phase more or less the same as the current model but which can be passed off as something better, so as to justify the price. We are not talking about a Pro version, but simply something new, perhaps with a different design and some minor improvements under the body that help the marketing department to present it to players as “better”.

Officially, it could put it on the market alongside the models already present (which would remain at its own price), but behind the scenes it could give much less priority to Standard / Digital so as to give space above all to the “version 2” at a higher price. The choice between the models would remain on paper, but in practice the players would really have access only to the latest version.

Or just Sony could agree to bear the costs and aim to make money with software, especially digitally. In the end, this has always been the strategy.

What do you think? Would Sony risk too much to raise the price of PS5?

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