Rollerdrome, we tried Roll7’s inline shooter

We tried Rollerdrome, Roll7’s inline shooter that tries to mix the story of the development studio with something new.

Presented just over a month ago during the State of Play in June 2022, Rollerdrome is already ready to arrive in stores initially for PC and PlayStation. The development studio Roll7 and its publisher, Private Division, seem to be in a hurry to propose this curious mix between a skating game and a third-person shooter, so much so that on August 16, if everything goes as planned, we will be able to download it through Steam and PlayStation Store.

No more chatter, therefore, in ours tried of Rolledrome we will briefly tell you about this original experience.

A known mix

The cover of Rollerdrome

Roll7 became famous mainly thanks to OlliOlli and its evolution, OlliOlli World, but the London studio has 14 years of history behind it and productions such as Not a Hero and Laser League that deviate from roller skates, skate or similar. This is just to say that Roll7 seems to be trying to unite and evolve what it has learned in previous works.

Rollerdrome, in fact, could look like a sort of Laser League with skates and a single player story, or an OlliOlli World with guns and futuristic arenas. In short, the elements that make up Rollerdrome all seem to come, or almost, from the studio’s past. The mix that go to form, however, is decidedly original and to be discovered.

All embellished by the unique style of the studio, able to create rather evocative glimpses thanks to a wise use of architecture, level design and colors, which give Rollerdrome a respectable appearance despite the small hardware requirements.

In fact, only one Intel Core i5-2125 or an AMD A12-9800, 4 GB of RAM and a GeForce GT 630 (2 GB), a Radeon HD 6770 (1 GB) or an Intel Iris Pro 580 to be able to play decently. Either a PlayStation 4 or a PS5, to cut the bull’s head.

A dystopian future

Rollerdrome's design is inspired

Rollerdrome’s design is inspired

One of the most characterizing elements, in fact, is the presence of a story mode that speaks of a dystopian future in which the mega-corporation known as Matterhorn has taken control of the most followed sport in the world, the Rollerdrome, in fact, and uses it to distract the masses from its real and dark discoveries. How? Making the sport even more violent, extreme and consequently deadly. Matterhorn, however, did not deal with a new recruit, Kara Hassan, who came to the professional circuit to retrace the steps of her hero, Morgan Fray. In his climb to success Morgan will not “only” find himself fighting for his life, but will also have to face Casper Ix, the one who will become his biggest obstacle to conquering the top of the International Rollerdrom Federation’s House Players.


Rollerdrome's gameplay is very dynamic

Rollerdrome’s gameplay is very dynamic

What is all this premise for? Since we cannot spoil the plot, we can say that all this serves to act as a common thread between one level and the next and to justify the increasing degree of difficulty and madness of the different levels.

But what exactly is Rolledrome? Roll7 says he invented a new genre and maybe it didn’t go too far from the truth. It is a sort of cross between Wet and Roller Champions in which you have to cross arenas bristling with opponents to be knocked down between jumps, grinds and grabs. In other words, it would be a rather traditional arena shooter, even in the controls, whose protagonist wears skates that allow her to have an out of the ordinary mobility. You can, in fact, use the different trampolines to jump very high, but it will also be important to dodge the bullets, even in flight.

The history of Rollerdrome is the glue to the whole

The history of Rollerdrome is the glue to the whole

The shoot with stylemoreover, it is not an end in itself: bullets, for example, will be replenished with evolutions. Playing in a spectacular way will also serve to maximize the score, a fundamental element for success within the Rollerdrome circuit.

If the basic weapons automatically frame opponents, the special ones must be aimed correctly at explosive objects and enemies. To do this, especially while in the air during a somersault, there is the option of slow down timeso as to aim more calmly.

It is, in other words, the classic Roll7 mix, apparently rather easy to approachespecially in the case of previous experiences with third-person shooters, but really complex to perfect. This is also due to progressively more and more complex levels that will require you to jump from one building to the next, while shooting at full blast by rolling in midair.

The destructibility of the levels of Rollerdrome

The destructibility of the levels of Rollerdrome

The satisfactions that you can get once you get used to could be great. In view of the review, which inevitably is not too far away, the development team will have to be able to keep the interest around the game high, evolving the story, but above all the challenges proposed with new activities and variables. Also you have to understand what will happen once the credits are reached: what kind of replay value or additional activities are foreseen?

Rolledrome is a rather original and fun experience, which tries to mix what Roll7 has created so far to make something new. An extremely fast and frenetic third-person shooter, technical, but easy to approach, with a pinch of history to surround it all. Will the development studio be able to provide enough variety to keep the attention high? What is there to do once the credits are over? We will answer all these things in the review. Little is missing, courage.


  • The style of Roll7
  • Easy to approach, difficult to perfect
  • Fast-paced and fun