Samsung could shake up cryptocurrency mining with a new 3nm chip

South Korean giant Samsung Electronics has announced that it is launching production of 3nm mining chips with performance that could really outshine its competitors. With this new model, Samsung already exceeds the last Antminer, and still plans to manufacture a new 2nm chip for 2025.

Samsung announces new 3nm chip for mining

Samsung Electronicsthe subsidiary of the group Samsung specializing in the manufacture of electronic products and components, recently announced that it had launched the production of chips which could significantly reduce carbon emissions induced by the mining of cryptocurrencies via the proof of work (PoW).

With a microscopic size of 3nm, these chips are built on the architecture Door all around (GAA) and promise breakthrough performance compared to 5nm models : 45% less energy consumption, improved performance of around 23% and a reduced surface size of up to 16%.

These performance gains lie in particular in materials and technology used to produce these chips. Samsung has chosen to use nanosheets rather than the usual nanowires, allowing it to optimize the energy used while maximizing performance.

Samsung, which has just launched the production of semiconductors, will thus offer the most powerful hardware on the marketahead of the model Antiminer S19X and its 5nm chip, launched this month by bitmain.

But that’s not all: the South Korean manufacturer has indicated that it is already working on 2nm chipswhose output is planned for 2025.

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A multilateral production

According to the press release, Samsung has been working on these chips since 2021 in collaboration with many partners such as Ansys, Cadence, Siemens and Synopsys as part of the Samsung Advanced Foundry Ecosystem (SAFE), a network of partnerships enabling the firm to bring new components to market at lightning speed.

Siyoung Choithe President and Head of Foundry Business at Samsung Electronics, insists on the competitiveness of the company:

โ€œWe will continue to actively innovate in the development of competitive technologies and to put in place processes that accelerate the achievement of technology maturity. ยป

Samsung has already shown interest in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in the past. When launching the Galaxy S22Samsung had decided to offer a commemorative non-fungible token (NFT) to its South Korean customers when they pre-ordered this model.

In January, the company announced the arrival of a series of smart tv which would accommodate both a explorer and aggregator of NFTsallowing its customers to buy, trade and view NFTs directly from their TV.

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