Samsung gives us a clue of what the first folding iPhone in history could be

Samsung offers data on folding phones and could tell us something about what Apple is working on

One of the biggest rumors that have emerged today refers to the fact that Apple has been working on a foldable iPhone. And although this story has been accompanied by other information and concepts, Samsung could have given another important piece of information that tells us what this next iPhone could be like.

According to a new entry in Samsung Newsroom, TM Roh, the president of Samsung has said that the foldable phone market is starting to gain ground.

“We’re getting to the point where these foldable devices are going mainstream and staking a bigger claim on the overall smartphone market.”

In addition, Roh has mentioned that the same market has allowed them as manufacturers of these phones to be able to know more about the needs of the users and so think about the future.

“It’s a different experience with the Fold. Nearly one in three Galaxy fold users opted for this ultimate productivity device last year, which has enabled them to do more through individual hyperconnected computing. Fold users love it.” the multitasking ability of a screen that doubles in size, so they can be more efficient and get things done faster.”

Foldable iPhone Concept

Apple’s foldable smartphone

One of the main focuses of Apple is to offer the best technology, and if it is already present in the market, get over it.

It is to be expected that the company with the bitten apple already has all these data offered by the president of its competition very present and the development of its folding iPhone is based on these. So we might expect that all of this can lead on a better device than all of the above. A vertically foldable phone, with an enlarged screen, excellent camera functions and also, that it is a product that does not cost much.

What we know so far about this foldable iPhone confirms that Apple would bet on bringing a design and technology that puts this device on top. However, this will not happen soon, as Ming-Chi Kuo has recently said that this will come with a larger screen, but not until 2024.

It’s a shame to think that it will take so long, but if we take into account what was said by TM Roh and Apple’s objectives, it is normal that the company is taking the necessary time to arrive with another product that revolutionize the market.