Stop unwanted or fraudulent calls, WindTre launches “Please don’t call”

Protect users from unwanted calls and possible fraud. WindTre launches “Please Don’t Call”, the new service available free of charge to all customers and activated with a simple click from the company’s app.

“Personal well-being passes more and more from technology but is the subject of new challenges – he explained WindTre CEO, Gianluca Corti – Among them, unwanted calls have become a real source of discomfort. Millions of calls from potential spam numbers pass through the telephone networks every day. In light of these data, we have decided to invest in frontier technologies such as artificial intelligence to protect our customers from the phenomenon “.

“We are convinced that in the field of telephony and connectivity it is possible to compete on new performances and functions rather than just looking at prices – pointed out the CEO – For our customers we continuously update our offer, which today ranges from insurance coverage on purchases to to energy. The protection of connections and digital life is an area in which we invest a lot, with free and paid services, both for the consumer and for the company. We make it a matter of principle, it is our ‘digital responsibility’ “.

“Please don’t call”, how it works

The new service, available on the WindTre app already used by around 8 million customers, is able to identify potential unwanted calls and report them directly on the smartphone screen, so that the recipient can choose whether to answer or not.

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The algorithm that allows identifying possible unwanted calls is based on statistical analysis on aggregated data and was developed entirely by the WindTre Data Office team. More than 50 of Data Scientists, Data Engineers and Automation Engineers are involved full-time in Research & Development activities dedicated to Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, in collaboration with universities and research centers.

Currently the updating of the “annoying” numbers takes place twice a week, but the aim is to arrive at an intraday update.

The service, according to WindTre, is a complementary tool and not an alternative to the new register of oppositions which opens registrations including mobile numbers and which will be operational from 27 July.


On the occasion of the launch of “Please Don’t Call”, WindTre created a campaign based on the iconic 90s song “Please Don’t Go”. A real two-minute music video to clearly and clearly show the protective role that the new WindTre service plays, especially in delicate moments of relaxation or work. Media planning includes a presence on YouTube with the entire video, on air on TV with the 30-second format and a multi-subject radio campaign. Also online on social networks with a 60-second video on TikTok and other digital initiatives.

The other initiatives in the pipeline

WindTre has also put in place other initiatives to protect its customers, such as verifying via blockchain the legitimacy of contacts in relation to the contracts that are activated. Furthermore, it is actively collaborating with the Communications Authority, which established the Technical Committee on Electronic Communications Security to identify the most suitable technical solutions for managing / blocking calls subject to spoofing (unauthorized manipulation of the number caller).