Stray and its goodies for cat lovers

Stray includes numerous goodies for cat lovers, simulating the behavior of our four-legged friends in a surprisingly realistic way.

Stray has a stray cat as its protagonist and this choice has undoubtedly contributed to increasing the promotional possibilities of the game, in a social world that continuously shares content linked to our four-legged friends. Well, the developers wanted to fully embrace this decision, trying to be as precise as possible in representing the behavior of the little cats on the screen.

In short, Stray is full of goodies for cat lovers and we decided to tell them in an article, because maybe you missed some or because you have not yet purchased the game, but this discovery could represent a further element of curiosity towards the title of BlueTwelve Studio. And we know that curiosity is also a typical characteristic of cats …

Sit low!

Stray, the protagonist “talks” to the B-12 drone

Those who begin well are already halfway through the work: the authors of Stray evidently know this ancient adage in its corresponding French version, given that during the opening minutes of the campaign they staged sequences of affection, rubbing and merged with the cats that belong to the colony from which the protagonist arrives, who one day falls into a drain and then finds himself wandering in the mysterious Dead City, as we told in Stray’s review.

At that point the character is attracted by a series of illuminated signs that invoke his help and reaches the building where the B-12 drone is located, an android equipped with a sophisticated artificial intelligence that will accompany him throughout the entire adventure. . In order to be carried around, B-12 materializes on the cat’s back a bib equipped with a backpack and at that point the feline behaves exactly as we would expect: it holds the sit low and walks in a funny way until he gets used to the contact with the object.

Get your nails done

Stray, a room with some sofas to get your nails done

Stray, a room with some sofas to get your nails done

The cat protagonist of Stray is well capable of meowing, indeed it does so with an impressive number of different intonations, so much so that the developers have even included a Trophy linked to this practice. However, there is another behavior that immediately attracts the player’s attention, namely the get your nails done on various surfaces.

Natural behavior for felines but at the same time a source of anger and despair for those who have decent furniture, this practice is reproduced in the game involving the adaptive trigger of the DualSense controller, which apply variable resistance thereby simulating friction with the materials we are scratching against, be it a sofa or carpet.

Passion cardboard boxes

Stray, the cat explores one of the scenarios

Stray, the cat explores one of the scenarios

Another well-known attitude of cats is to get into any box of cardboard are within reach, and then recline inside and enjoy a bit of relaxation. It is not clear what this instinct is due to, perhaps simply linked to the feeling of being covered on all sides and therefore protected from any dangers, the fact is that even in Stray this practice is used for gameplay purposes.

In fact, it happens to deal with sequences Invisible where you have to hide from the sensors of security drones, quickly crossing a portion of the scenario before their beam of light hits us or taking advantage of objects behind or inside to hide, such as cardboard boxes. After all, we had already said: if it works in Metal Gear Solid, why shouldn’t it work in Stray?

Nap time

Stray, a nap next to a street player

Stray, a nap next to a street player

As you know, the PS5 version of Stray uses the peculiar capabilities of DualSense in a rather imaginative way, but the climax can be appreciated when the cat protagonist of the adventure crouches in a suitable place to have a napbe it a sofa, rug, cushion or shelf. Well, in this case the controller … purrs.

Using a mix of attic feedback and built-in speaker, DualSense simulates the behavior of cats when they sleep “snoring”, and the thing is rendered so realistic and convincing that your pet may think that you have welcomed another stray without telling him anything. Watch out for outbursts of jealousy!

Paper bags, balls and books

Stray, another place to interact with

Stray, another place to interact with

Some goodies present in Stray are used in the gameplay, others are nice but ends in themselves, and we have a couple of interesting examples. The first is when the cat finds a paper bag and he puts it on his head, remaining “blind” for a few seconds to the point of reversing the controls, so as to simulate the inability of the character to see where he is going.

However, there are also other easter eggs, such as the balls which are usually used to release treats at snack time, in case our cat is a bit too lazy, or the ability of the little cats to jump on things and make them fall: in the title of BlueTwelve Studio it happens with booksbut also with paint cans and even board game tiles, leaving the two contenders to despair and curse.