That the iPhone 14 is not delayed depends on Samsung

Apple is having problems with the providers of the iPhone 14, but Samsung will help them arrive on time.

In recent weeks we have heard numerous rumors about a possible delay of the iPhone 14, at least one of its four models. We are in a difficult period globally with shortages of materials and difficulties in manufacturing devices, and the iPhone 14 will not be immune to it. Nevertheless, Samsung could have the key so that the iPhone 14 is not delayed according to the latest information.

Well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has revealed that Apple is facing Supply problems that could have an impact on the production of the iPhone 14. However, the analyst assures that these problems will have “a limited impact on the next mass production of the iPhone 14 because other suppliers can fill the supply gap.” being one of the major suppliers Samsung.

iPhone 14 Pro

The iPhone 14 will not be delayed according to Kuo

I learned that some iPhone 14 panel and memory vendors have experienced supply issues recently, but it should have limited impact on the upcoming iPhone 14 mass production because other vendors can fill the supply gap.

Apple leans on Samsung to launch the iPhone 14 on time

Apparently, Apple may be having problems with two key components of the iPhone 14. On the one hand, the memory of the device and, on the other, the screens. However, these problems do not worry Apple too much since Samsung will be able to meet the demand that others cannot satisfy.

Micron and SK Hynix they are also suppliers of memory for Apple, and it seems that both have had manufacturing problems, both due to lack of time and quality problems. However, Samsung will make up for the lack of these manufacturers.

Samsung is almost the only supplier for 3Q22 and can meet the demand for increased production of the iPhone 14 Pro

iPhone 14 Pro

Samsung will be in charge of manufacturing more components so that the iPhone 14 is not delayed

Another important problem is with the screens, especially with those of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max that manufactures them. LG screen. It seems that the Korean company has had some problems and both Samsung and BOE will handle these first orders of screens.

Samsung and BOE can largely fill the initial supply gap caused by LG Display’s panel appearance issues (iPhone 14 Max and iPhone 14, mainly the former). LG Display is expected not to take much time to fix the issue.

The iPhone 14 could include only eSIM

This demonstrates that Apple’s planning to have multiple suppliers is a sound strategy. Although several providers have problems, Apple has others to fill those specific problems. Let’s hope that everything is still in order and the iPhone 14 are not delayed.