The Apple Watch discovers a hidden tumor and saves the life of a woman

The Apple Watch has once again saved the life of one of its users

in one of those Fascinating stories about Applewe found a unique experience for a woman who was saved thanks to the use of her Apple Watch. A prevention of her watch has allowed her to recognize an affectation that was generated in her heart, thus managing to act immediately before something terrible happens.

The report provided by CBS News puts the Apple Watch back as the hero of a shocking story.

Kim Durkee, a Maine woman, had two nights in a row with notifications from her Apple Watch warning her that her heart was experiencing atrial fibrillationa type of abnormal heart rhythm that can be caused by poor blood pumping from the heart.

Although at first he thought it was a bad reading of the clockthe following night the Apple Watch marked very high numbers, something that undoubtedly made Kim nervous.

“The third night the numbers were a little too high than normal”Kim said. “So I said, you know what, go to the ER if they tell you there’s nothing to worry about you throw away the watch.”.

To Kim’s surprise, the Apple Watch was warning about A tumor that was impeding the circulation of blood in his heart.

Doctors in Maine soon confirmed that her heart was beating erratically for a simple and terrifying reason. She had a myxoma, a rare, fast-growing tumor that was choking on her heart’s blood supply and would have ultimately caused a stroke.“.

Faced with this situation, doctors took Kim to Massachusetts General Hospital, where they performed open-heart surgery to remove the deadly tumor, which lasted five hours.

Currently, Kim is in recovery, the doctors have reported that if she had not gone to the hospital in time to remove that tumor and taking into account that she did not present any symptoms of physical involvement that would alert her, she probably would have had deadly consequences.

Kim has shown her surprise and gratitude towards her own watch, about which she has only said positive things. “it really saved my life”. This case joins others in which the efficacy and benefits that the Apple watch can have.

Apple Watch saves another life

Kim’s story joins others where the Apple Watch saves the lives of its users

At the moment, the Apple Watch awaits its new version that will arrive very soon. Let’s hope that Apple can surprise and continue to bring features that help usersWell, it is said that it could bring a new body temperature sensor and the rumor about its redesign has appeared again.