The best Echo smart speaker drops its price again and comes with a little gift

The 4th generation Echo is powerful, heavy and has an unusual quality.

If we had to recommend a speaker with a voice assistant, it would be any of the Echo that Amazon has in its catalog. And it is that, as the owner of several Echo Dot 4 at home and having tried at a friend’s house the Echo 4, I couldn’t be happier with this type of device from Amazon. Today the Echo 4 can be yours, the big onefor only €64.99.

And that’s not all, because Amazon gives you a Philips Hue bulb with WiFi built-in and E27 socket on the face. This bulb is valued at 17.95 euros. The price of the usual Echo 4 is 99.99 euros, so this offer is a great opportunity to get hold of him. Also, on Prime Day it was at the same price.

Echo 4 + Philips Hue Bulb

Buy an Echo 4 for 65 euros and get a gift

echo 4th generation

The best smart speaker without a doubt of the current generation

The quintessential speaker with integrated Alexa is on sale and comes with a little gift. This speaker can work in two different ways: one as a bluetooth speaker to use, being able to reproduce all the content of your mobile, a TV, tablet or your laptop on it; and of another way being Alexa who decides which music streaming service to use when you ask it with your voice for a song, or songs by a specific artist, as well as a specific musical style. Pay attention to this last way, because Prime Music will be the one with default. If you have a Spotify premium account or another different service, you can choose it as the default from the Amazon Alexa app.

The 4th generation Amazon Echo has inside a 3 inch woofer Accompanied by 2 x 0.8-inch tweeters. This will make the treble and bass go through separate channels, that is, the sound of both frequencies will be purer and richer. This Echo 4 measures 13 cm high and 14 cm in diameterIt has a flat non-slip rubberized base. We also have a 3.5mm jack output port to connect the Echo to other external equipment such as an amplifier, soundbar or HiFi headphones, in case the quality or power of the Echo 4 is not enough.

The Echo 4 speaker is outrageous, due to its power, for any room, it sounds very loud and without distortion.

The Echo 4 is covered in a strong mesh that nicely plasters the look of this speaker. Its shape is completely rounded and it weighs approximately 970 grams. This speaker includes Amazon AZ1 Neural Engine Processor created so that Alexa learns more quickly how you use your words and what kinds of actions you ask for each day. One day you can ask for music, on another occasion radio channels and at the same time ask about live traffic in an area. Alexa learns from your actions and, above all, from your voice.

Echo 4 + Philips Hue Bulb

And if you have multiple Echo devices at home, whether it’s an Echo Dot 4 like me, or an Echo Dot 3, and even a mighty Echo Studio, you can link them together to form a smart sound system throughout your home. I, for example, have the 5 Echo Dot 4 distributed throughout the house, and just by asking Alexa to play music everywhere, I will have custom piped music for all of her. In the same way, you can create small groups of speakers, in my case, I have 3 of these Echo Dot 4 on the ground floor that I have called “living room”, so I can only activate these speakers in this area avoiding it to sound on the floor above.

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